12 funny differences between Boys and Girls that will make you go LOL


Men are from Mars; women are from Venus.

Regarding anatomy, we very well know the fact that men are different from women but when it comes to the other things, the two sexes are not just different but two worlds apart. Their behaviour differs greatly if you take a similar situation. It is like the war of a pink and a blue brain.

While we very well know the struggles of women, let’s see how girls and boys differ from each other.

01. Taking a picture:

Boys certainly have no sense of pose when it comes to getting clicked but girls, well, they have their creative mind.

02. The way they dress: 

A guy would gladly admit to wearing the same shirt for a week, but a girl will sulk for a new dress. Yes, she needs it.

03. That post-breakup feeling:

Women are strong people, while men tend to be emotional. By the time a woman cries and gets over a guy, the guy stays his confident self. His emotions drop down to zero right when the girl is over him.

04. Social Networking:

Women attract a greater number of people to her profile. That is a known fact. I mean, I gladly have a hundred requests pending.

05. Sharing:

We, women, find it hard to share because men ruin everything. When the lights go off, and it’s time for bed, we love to keep our side ours and his side his.

06. The haircut rituals:

No matter how many times they try, girls tend to have the same haircut every damn time.

07. Getting ready for work:

No matter how much your lady denied you, it is a known fact that girls take a lot of time in getting ready, even if it’s for work while men get ready in mere minutes.

08. Mirror, Mirror on the wall:

That moment in front of the mirror every day is never a brief time for a girl. She will take an hour to count all the fat she has put on, while a guy will gladly watch himself and show off his abs (even if he has none.)

09. Colour war:

Girls have a knack for all colours bright and gritty while guys, they will settle for the basics.

10. The washroom war:

Why will a man go to the loo when he can openly go anywhere he want? Like why even when the loo is vacant?

11. Computer:

Men are pros at it. They know all about computers while women, well, we just tend to keep it all on the desktop or wherever we find it easy.

12. Picking up shampoo:

Finding shampoo, or say any cosmetic is a big task. You got to think of a million reasons to choose one. You cannot just pick it up and leave.

Loved these differences or found one that suits you too? Share this with your better half and let him/ her chuckle a little too. I bet they will love these too.