12 Foods You Can Snack Without Worrying About Weight Gain


Weight loss and snacking never go together. But we can’t stay away from snacks especially while watching TV or after a tiring day. Grabbing a bag of potato chips is easier than preparing dinner. You make your resolution of eating just about 5 and get to make dinner. But you end up with an empty packet and 700 calories flushed into your body.

Snacks are usually tempting and addictive, and you can avoid such situations by not stocking the snacks. You like to grab from your pantry, the trick is to load the pantry and refrigerator with those snacks that do not add to the calories and worsen your weight loss regimen.

Now, you may skip the article by thinking that we are talking about the usual spinaches and lettuce. There are vegetables on the list, but there are also some healthy ones like even popcorn which do not add calories. Take down the list and get ready to stack your snack counter with some healthy snacks.

1. Popcorn
Air popped popcorn healthy snack

We are not talking about the unhealthy kinds of microwave popcorn. Popcorn if air popped is one the most relishing and weight loss friendly snack. A cup of popcorn adds only 31 calories.
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2. Arugula
arugula salad with grapes

We hate to have the tasteless lettuce. Fresh Arugula can be a great alternative to being used in salad. The stunning factor is that only 10 calories are added with 2 cups of arugula.
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3. Blueberries

healthy blueberry snack

Who doesn’t like berries and blueberries have a calorie value of about 85 per cup. It also contains anthocyanins. Eat it raw, add to cereal or blend up the smoothie with yogurt.

4. Celery

celery stocks While on a cleansing diet, you are bound to have fiber rich food. Celery is simply water and fiber. Dip the stalk in hummus and much down.
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5. Edamame


The name might sound unfamiliar but it is simply juvenile soybeans. Use it in cereals, salads, pasta of smoothies. You can even steam it and sprinkle with a little salt and pepper and eat it as a quick snack.
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6. Egg White

egg white omelette

Oh yes, we meant it to egg whites. You might have heard that you should keep away from eggs of you are looking to lose weight. Egg whites are whole proteins and 17  calories/egg. Egg whites are not easily available in cans.

7. Orange

eat oranges raw

One big mistake that we make is to juice the oranges. Oranges are full of fibers and that is lost when you juice. Eat it as such and the fiber content will give the stomach full feeling

8. Portobello Mushrooms

portobello mushrooms grilled

Portobello is a kind of mushroom and can be used instead of meat. One mushroom adds only 18 calories so use it in your omelets, sandwich or burger.

9. Seaweed

seaweed Salad

There are several kinds of edible seaweeds available from cheap to costly ones. It is only 32 calories/ cup and provides iodine required for the body.

10. Strawberry

strawberry snack

Yet another healthy berry after blueberry. This also contains anthocyanins. Chop it up and blend with some low-fat cream for a fulfilling dessert.

11. Sugar Snap Peas

sugar snap peas

As the name, the peas are sweet and can be eaten raw. You can even add it to salads and be carefree about weight gain.
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12. Sweet Potato

sweet potato

The richest and healthiest food on earth, sweet potato is a reserve of beta-carotene and several all nutrients. It is also fulfilling and therefore helps to subside your hunger.