11 Weirdest Habits Of Celebrities That Will Make You Say Eww At Least Once


Being a role model for many, celebrities always do something to inspire their fans or what they can follow. However, there are a few habits your favorite celebs have that you definitely do not want to copy.

Just, being a regular human like us, our favorite stars have habits too – good and bad. And today we are going to reveal those weird habits here:



Kesha drank her own pee on TV and she did that will shock you- she wanted to get into “kick-ass shape”.

Brad Pitt:


You will be shocked to know this that Brad Pitt doesn’t take a bath for weeks.

Sushmita Sen:


Sushmita Sen takes a bath on an open terrace, she has apparently a bathtub placed on the terrace. And she is also fond of Snakes and has a python as a pet in her home.

Kareena Kapoor Khan:


Kareena Kapoor Khan bites her nails every time that’s why she has to wear acrylic nails while shooting for the films.

Jessica Simpson:


Jessica Simpson is very unhygienic, she only brushes her teeth thrice a week.

John Abraham: 


John Abraham feels restless if he doesn’t shake his legs that’s why he shakes his leg all the time.

Megan Fox:


Megan Fox doesn’t flush the toilet after she is done with pooping.

Robert Pattinson:


Robert doesn’t wash his hairs for weeks.Once he said that he hadn’t washed his hair for 6 WEEKS.

Shah Rukh Khan:


Bollywood’s King aka Shahrukh Khan takes his shoes off only once in a day.

Shahid Kapoor:


Shahid Kapoor is addicted to coffee so much that he drinks up to 8-10 cups a day.

Virender Sehwag:


Virender Sehwag bites his nails whenever he feels numb.

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