11 unique Airbnb locations in India that will make you cancel your hotel bookings asap!


Travelling is an open book; the more one travels, the more one learns. Weary travellers, aged like wine with wisdom have been portrayed on our literary undertakings for generations, talking about exquisite places, tombed cellars, castles et al. But have you ever dreamed about living in one of these fine castles worthy of causing astonishment and awe? Here we suggest a few (okay, 16 is not a few) for you to gauge your eyes upon and decide upon your next vacation getaway(All the prices are listed in Indian National Rupee)

Singtom Tea Resort


Location: Darjeeling
Price per night: 8-9k

If you adore the idea of having your morning tea flanked by tea gardens on all your sides, and waking up to the aroma of dew covered Tea leaves, this place is ideal for you. Being the third oldest tea estate in Darjeeling, this place has its own old world charm and is an ideal place to beat your summer blues.

Alleppey House Boats


Location: Alleppey(or Alphuza)
Accommodation: Varies by the size of the boat you hire

Alleppey is famous for its backwaters (Recall your 7th class geography lessons), and is an absolute traveller’s delight. One can hire a boat according to one’s own requirements, and then just savour each moment as the boat slowly trudges through the waters and enriches your Kerela experience.Also, each boat has its own set of cooks, housekeepers etc. to give you the niche feeling of a hotel.

Woodyvu Stok House


Accommodation: 10
Price: 45k

Straight out of Lord Byron poem, this place opens up to the night sky like no other- A glass of wine and a loved one might just be enough to make your evening under the starry skies. Not to take anything away from the house though, this place is uber comfy and has five rooms and overlooks the majestic Khardungla Pass. I know, you already began searching for your travelling knapsacks.

Heritage Apartments


Accommodation: 2
Price per night: 4.5k

Decked in quaint Rajasthani Decor and just half an hour away from the airport, this place is ideal for people who are tired of the fast paced city life and need a weekend off to themselves; and at the same time do not feel the need to travel much.

Quinta Portugese


Accommodation: 16-20
Price per night: 50k

Built somewhere around the wee end of the 19th century, this place was recently restored to its former grandeur and you just cannot seem to get enough of it- A calm soothing decor which gives you an eternal calm, done just to the right proportions, and a pool too. Well, there is a beach just half an hour away too, but we prefer the pool.

The Jackfruit Tree


Accommodation: 8
Price per night: 3.4k

Situated just at the feet of Chembra, it is the beginning of one of the most beautiful treks in India. Even if you do not consider your feet trek worthy enough, this place has all the igredients of a cozy retreat into the wild and you can entertain yourself with a hot mug of fresh brew and few verses from the greatest of romantics (Keats, Shelley, Wordsworth amongst others) as the bon fire in front of you flickers and glows deep into the night.

Nazarbagh Palace


Accommodation: 16-20
Price per night: 70k

If you like your life king size, or always had the feeling that you had a royal bloodline (and some petty narccissist), then this place is especially for you. Every effort has been made to make you feel like a Rajput (Yes, your pocket should also feel like a Rajput at times). You will be tended to by a very amiable hotel staff decked traditional attires, and everything will be very very Rajputish, very luxurious and exquisite. Yes you deserve to be a king at least once, believe me.

Marari Eco Beach House


Location: Kerela
Accommodation: 4
Price per night: 25k

A house on the beach, a backyard opening to the sea, a pretty evening sun, and a bottle of chilled lager, you can tell the world that you are living your life just right. With two rooms, TV, Wi-fi(did I mention free), and everything you could ask for, but also with sightings to die for. Why not? After all, it is located in God’s own country.

Rosie’s retreat home stay


Location: Udaipur
Accommodation: 2
Price per night: 6.6k

Rated as one of the most “hip” homestays by in the world by the Lonely Planet the previous year, it has everything you can ask for- a view with loads of lake in it, a decor which is very Rajasthani, and all that is Rajasthani happens to be for sale as well. Located at walking distance from every almost every major tourist attraction, and then there is free wifi, and then we were left searching for a reason why we should not stay in it and actually ended up coming up with none.

Bikamp Adventures


Accommodation: 16-20
Price per night- 1.22k

Located just 12km wide of Leh in a tiny, somnolent village and yet offering everything that a wandering eye could gaze for, this place features really high on our definitely-must-stay. Located on walking distance are a couple of monasteries(though the definition of walking distance may vary from person to person), and add to that the pristine Ladakh night sky, sans pollution and the far, far away from the din of the cities and only infinite dukedom stars to gaze at.

Junoon in the hills


Location: Ranikhet
Accommodation: 11
Price per night: 44k

An ideal place for a poet and his pen, this place literally allows you to drink from the cup of serenity. Located in a calm village in the Kumaon Hills, this place is also ideal for the people who like to trek through endless alleys and looking for deeper existential truths (Might’ve overcooked it a bit). Needless to say, this place has lots of cool things to do, one of them is just looking at the valley and then saying nothing (Been there, done that!)