11 Tricky Reasons Behind Constant Tiredness that you Never Knew


After a tiring day and overnight work, tiredness is a common occurrence. We are talking about having proper night sleep and yet feeling sleepy headed. There might be some specific reason that is tugging at your energy.

Read on to know which could be your reason.

  1. Water Factor
    Stay hydrated

    Water is required for all purposes within the body. It is an essential element for the functioning of the systems and therefore without the proper supply of water to the body, these systems don’t work optimally. Eventually it will slow you down and make you sluggish.

  2. Keep Your House Clean

    Say no to mess
    Cleanliness is next to godliness. A scattered messy house is always a turn down for good sleep and rest. Right before sleep, clean the bedroom, light a scented candle, use fresh bedcovers, put out all the dirty clothes and settle down to sleep in freshness.

  3. Excessive Hydration

    excessive hydration
    Drinking too much of water before bed will force you make runs to bathroom in the odd hours of night. This will distract sound sleep and leave you tired in the morning. The tip is to stay away from drinking water before bed and sip in small quantities through the day to prevent tiredness due to the improper sleep.
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  4. Controlled Temperature

    optimal sleep temperature
    Your heater or cooler temperature must be set to optimal temperature. At night, you may be tired and set the cooler to the lowest degree, but in the middle of the night you will have to wake up and shut it down. With the heater temperature set to 65 F you can prevent from waking up in warm sheets.

  5. Surrounded by Complaining People

    stay away for fussy people
    If you have people who are constantly complaining, it will impact not just your mental state but even make you physically tired. Sneering and complaining people can pull down your energy level. Try to stay away from such people and build an aura of positivity around you.

  6. Bad Sex Life

    bad sex and sluggishness
    Many couples complain that they are too tired to have sex. But the truth is that they do not have the fieriness or passion to indulge ins ex. Sex releases prolactin which can boost your energy. Good sex will make you more energetic rather than drain your energy.
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  7. Lack of Magnesium in Body

    magnesium and body
    We are not used to checking the magnesium levels in the body like we test for sugar or thyroid. Body needs magnesium for muscles, nerves and enzymes. The level required is just 1.8 to 2.6 mg/dL. Foods like seeds, nuts, beans and avocado in the diet can provide for the magnesium.

  8. You do not like your Job

    sluggishness due to bad job
    Everyday routine of rushing to work and coming back at night can be rather hateful with no time for fun or frolic. But it can take a toll on your life if you specifically hate the work you are doing at office or hate your coworkers or boss.
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  9. Do not get your Exercise Dose

    exercise and tiredness
    Due to your tiredness, you skip your gym feeling that it will pull out your energy. But exercise releases the hormone endorphin which works like morphine. It helps to create a positive feeling and boosts your energy levels. It can help you break free from depression and all that is required is about 30 minutes of cardio per day.
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  10. Lack of Exposure to Sunlight

    sunlight and circadian rhythm
    This is based on studies of the circadian rhythm. When body is exposed to sunlight at day time, the processing is done by the body relative to that and tends to go into proper sleep at night. This also implies that the screens should be closed before settling to sleep. Sunlight also provides Vitamin D which can only be obtained from sunlight exposure.
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  11. Stressed Up

    tiredness and anxiety
    Life has become so hectic that every other person is a ball of stress. The perils of anxiety are numerous. It can impact your sleep directly. With reduced sleep, anxiety increases and this goes on like a cycle. Meditation, yoga etc. can help to break stress.