11 Damn Funny Comics On How To Talk To Short People

Short people

Have you been posting captions like- I am not short, my height is just cute? Then these funny comics can troll you real fast. No, we are not judging anyone though we are saying that these comics are incredibly funny and cute at the same time. All the tall guy out there, there’s always some particular ways to talk to your short friends. Do not worry! What are we here for? So, do not get offended by these funny illustrations and start tagging your short cute friends. :p

Because that feels more comfortable, right? 


Yes, people with different heights don’t look much great standing together, Lol. 

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Just like North-South Poles. 

God!! I am laughing real hard!

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There’s always a way out of it. :p 

Omg! 😂

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Simply Just Don’t!! 

Do you see what kind of Sacrifice tall people usually do! 🤣

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Cause laps are always more comfortable. 

Just in case you’re seeking revenge :p

LMAO!! All Short Fellas out there, Try it sometime.

On point. 

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