11 Chic Dresses Worn By Priyanka Chopra In 2016 Which Are Just Amazeballs


Priyanka Chopra is someone who fit the bill of Beauty With Brains category. Where ever she has tried her hand at she has been extremely famous, wealthy, fortunate, and has always acquired a higher social status with every step she has taken. Her journey from Bollywood to Hollywood has been very prosperous and affluent. Priyanka’s dressing sense is always found to be something of another level.

1. She looks classy and stylish

2. This is what she wore at the Star Guilds Award

3. In a Press Meet

4. White House Correspondents’ Dinner Dress

5. Emmy Awards in Log Angeles

6. She is how she rocked the red carpet at the People’s Choice Awards

7. At the New York Fashion Week

8. At a potrait shoot

9. At Musicare Person Of The Year Award

10. At EW and People Celebration

 11. She knows the perfect way to carry herself