10 Tips That Will Help You Save Your Cellphone If It Gets Wet


Most people have a fear of losing their phone especially if that phone is very valuable to them or a remembrance from a special person. But there are situations wherein you accidentally dropped your cellphone in water. How can you save your cellphone then? What are the effective tips for it? That is what this article will going to share to you. Keep reading!

1. Immediately take your phone out of the water.

cellphoneTurn it off as soon as you get it from the water. The water will enter to all parts of your phone in just few seconds. Additionally, water is the number one cause of short circuit in phone. So do not open yet until you are sure that your cellphone is dried.


2. After turning your phone off, remove the battery.

In this way,  it will prevent the higher chance of your cellphone to be damage from internal circuitry. Get a soft clothe and gently wipe your phone both inside and outside.


3. Remove your SIM card from your cellphone.

sim-card-being-placed-into-a-mobile-phone-copyGently wipe it and let it to naturally dry until your phone is ready to use it again.


4. Unplug any external devices of your phone.

Examples of these external devices are earphones and memory card.


5. Blow any residues and moisture of water out of your phone for at least 20 minutes.

cellphoneKeep on blowing all sides of your phone. You can use vacuum handy cleaner to blow if you have. Keep in my mint not to put the vacuum handy cleaner too close to your phone. Or else, static may occur which will totally damage your phone.


6. No to hairdryer when drying your phone.

Hairdryer will only push the water to go deeper. The result will be dangerous because water will wet the main core electronic components  of your phone. Also, warm air can not help your phone dry. Instead, it melts most parts of your phone.


7. Try to place your phone inside a plastic bag/container filled with rice grains.

This helps the phone to dry  by soaking up any leftovers of moisture in your phone. Remove the case and the battery out of your phone before putting your phone in the rice grains. You also place as well the battery and case in the rice grains. You can use silica gel as an alternative for rice grains.

This method may takes you 2-3 days. Don’t forget to to turn the plastic bag from time to time to help the moisture properly soak up. Also, remember to check your phone every hour in the first six hours. If there is a hint of moisture on your phone’s surface, wipe it again.


8. Place your phone under the sun.

Sunshine will help all of the apertures to completely dry. You can put your phone on a paper towel or absorbent mat even after you dried your phone using vacuum cleaner or rice grains. Absorbent mat helps bring out possible water moistures present inside the phone.


9. Check your phone’s ports, compartments and cracks after 24 hours.

Make sure your phone is completely dried before putting the battery back. After that, turn it on. Put your full attention on any strange noise your phone may creates as you open it. If you detect that there is a strange noise, it is a sign that your phone is malfunctioning.


10. If your phone is dry and you put the battery back but it resists not to open, it maybe because the battery of your phone is empty.

Plug in the charger and try turning it on again. If you cannot really open your phone, it is wise to contact/visit the nearest warranty service department in your place.

That’s it! Do you have further questions, comments, recommendations or clarifications about this article? Don’t hesitate to write it down on the comment box provided below!