10 Things Which Boys Want In Their Partners


Be it a boy or a girl, everyone has dreams related to his/her life partner. Someone wants a rich man, someone wants a tall girl, someone wants a businessman, someone wants an artist, etc. Yet in midst of these there are certain values and habits a person wants in his/her partner. Here especially about boys, we are listing 7 cookie points which a boy wants in his partner.



She should be someone whom he can trust blindly. He can share each and everything to her, to what elates him to what spoils his mood. Trust is the base of any relationship.

2. Supportive

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It is his life’s most risky decision which he has to take at a point, his partner should support him and understand him. Even if it is the toughest time of his life he needs someone who will hold him tight and tell him that things will get better.

3. Great Love Maker


I feel when two people are in love they don’t have sex but they make love. His partner should accept him wholeheartedly and even if it is once in a few days it should be heavenly.

4. Patient

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She should understand that he is not perfect but still he tries not messing up things. Its a new life after all, after marriage and she should be patient enough towards him that he too will take some time to adjust.

5. Has her own voice


He expects from her that whatever she has in her heart she speaks it. If something is wrong she should oppose it. They live together and she is equally important. She too has to think about the well-being of both of them.

6. Dreamer


She should be someone who has a goal set in her life as well. She should not stop but keep moving and achieving great things in her life.

7. Gives Space


Indeed, it is very important that the two should spend time together but one should not give up those things which one loves and likes to do. Spending time with oneself is not that bad too.

8. Good Listener


She should listen to him and if he is giving him liberty to put forward her view then she not become dominating. She can ask any question but she has to sit and listen the answer as well.

9. Practical

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Fights between couples  often said that it increases love between them. Fighting and arguing just to tease or if there is something urgent but picking  up a fight on every possible issue is not acceptable. Every man wants a woman who is less dramatic.

10.  Great Cooking Skills


This fact is unavoidable that men are not foodie. Deep inside their hearts they want a partner who knows how to cook and cooks pretty good. After a long at work he comes home and expects homecooked food. He understands that these days girls don’t like cooking much, but this is a demand.