10 Strange Fruits That You Never Knew

Strange fruits

A visit to the supermarket and you will be stunned by the various kinds of fruits and vegetables on the display shelves. You may have even wondered how to eat these fruits. Look at these strange fruits with weird names.

10. Monstera Deliciosa
 Monstera Deliciosa

The name is rather intriguing, and it is a fruit that is found mostly in Mexico. It is also known as Swiss Cheese Wine or even monster fruit. Even though the fruit is not very attractive, the plant is widely used for interior décor purpose. The fruit has external scales and measures 25 centimeters in length. The fruit is cut to ripen it, and it will release a rather smelly odor. It is covered in paper, and the scales fall off eventually. When all the scales have fallen or brushed away, the fleshy fruit is revealed. The taste can be compared to that of pineapple but make sure you do not eat the raw fruit as it can lead to irritation in the skin and throat.

  1. Physalis


It is one of the most beautiful fruits gifted by nature. It looks like a lantern in its closed state enclosing the fruit. The fruit resembles as gooseberry in vibrant orange color enclosed by a papery covering. The fruit tastes as good as it looks. It is also known as Inca Berry. Some people use the fruit like tomato. But they make a great addition to salads and desserts.
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  1. Star Fruit
    Star Fruit

Carambola is native to the Asian continent and has been named so as it looks like a star when cut cross-sectionally. The fruit is fully edible and finds it way into squashes and preserves. It comes in two kinds and there is a tricky part of buying it. The larger fruit is sweet while, the smaller one is sour. So when you see it in the fruit store next time, check if it is sweet or sour to suit your palette. The yellow fruit is the fully ripened one and it is the tastiest stage even though the ones with slight tinges of green are also just fine.

  1. Cherymoya


The fruit is native to the tropical forests even though it is being cultivated widely across the world. The biggest recognition received by the fruit was when Mark Twain described it as the most delicious fruit ever known to man. It is also known as custard apple and is the fruit of the tree Annona Cherimola. The taste is a blend of several fruits and is best eaten when chilled. This gives it another name- ice cream fruit. There are several different various in shape.
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  1. Platonia

It is native to the Amazon forests of Brazil and surrounding areas. It is of the species Platonia insignis. The fruit has a thick yellow skin and is oval shaped. It is known by its common name Bacuri. The skin produces a sweet smelling yellow colored latex when pressed which is rich in resinotol. The interior holds the edible portion which is white in color and is very sweet. There are about 4-5 seeds which are valued for their property to treat skin problems.  Pollination of the plant is by the white-bellied parrot.

  1. Wood Apple
    Wood Apple

As the name, this one looks like an apple but the outer covering is thick like wood. It is also known as Bael or Stone Apple. The fruit is native to India and some parts of Asia. It requires  hammers to break the outer covering of the fruit. The flesh is usually yellow with a few hairy seeds. The flesh is usually dried to preserve for prolonged use. The fruit is highly concentrated that a single one will be enough to make six liters of juice by blending it with line juice, water and sugar.
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  1. Ugli Fruit
    ugli fruit

Wonder if the name was given because of its not so good outer look? Some sources say that the name is derived from the word ugly. But the Ugli fruit sure makes up for its outer look with its splendid taste. It’s a tropical fruit from the Jamaican grounds. On a look it seems more like orange with its segments. The taste is also similar to orange more closer to tangerine. It can be eaten raw as it is sweet or even made into a relishing drink. The name of the fruit has been registered by Cabel Hall Citrus Limited who markets the product under the name.

  1. Kiwano Melon

This one seems  like it is from outer space. I think I have seen this fruit in an episode of Star Trek. Cucumis muteliferous is of the cucumber and melon family. It is also known as horned melon due to its spikes in yellow flesh. The fruit is eaten when ripe and the outer surface becomes a rich yellowish orange color. The internal flesh is green in color and tastes like tart. It is eaten in its raw form or added into salads.

  1. Dragon Fruit

    Dragon fruit or pitaya with cut on white

This fruit is produced in a cactus plant and is known as Pitahaya. The plant is used for decorative purpose indoors. There are three kinds of sweet pitahayas that differ mainly by their flesh color as red, white or yellow. The skin is mostly red in color but in some kinds the skin may be yellow. There are also sour dragon fruits and is known as Stenocereus fruit. The fruit is cut into two halves and the white flesh takes up the whole of the internal space. It has several black crunchy seeds resembling the Kiwi fruit.
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  1. Durian
    Durain fruit

The name is derived from the Malaysian name ‘duri’ meaning spike. It is known as the ‘King of Fruits’ as named by the people of Southeast Asia. Some people love and some others hate this fruit. It has the spikes and the most prominent factor to dislike the fruit is its terrible odor. You wouldn’t believe me if I told you that the fruit is even banned in some places in Singapore. It has a creamy custardy yummy filling inside it.