10 Signs That You Are Dating A PERVERT


Everyone wants some fun in their relationships. Being an adventurous person, adds heat and excitement to your relationship. When you and your partner agree to experience something new and exciting as well as none of you is hurt, there are no hurdles. But many also have to struggle with some things that their lovers love to do. If you look at certain behaviors, you will find a sinister element that raises red flags.

A pervert is a person who indulges in inappropriate and unacceptable sexual behavior whether it is in public or private. You must be aware of them.

So how do you know you are dating a pervert or a normal guy? Scroll down to find out :

1.Inappropriate Pictures


If your guy sends you inappropriate pictures every time instead of roses, this is a clear sign. You should get rid of him as soon as possible.

2.The Touchy-Feely Guy

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Such type of guys have no proper understanding of personal space. Firstly, they will be polite holding on to you, but they just want to use any excuse to come in contact with you. These types of guys also think its okay to grab your butt or come closer to you even when you are not in a good mood. Tell them clearly you don’t like that, but if they still continue to do that he is definitely a pervert.

3.He is into too much porn.


Now it is very easy to access porn with the help of internet. If you guy spends a lot of time watching porn, you must run in opposite direction from him. He is a pervert.

4.He cracks incongruous jokes about your friend.


The humorous type of guys are preferred the most, but that should be in a limit. If he usually cracks a lot of sexual jokes about your friend that indicated that he has thought about her sexually. This isa clear sign that he is a pervert. You must be careful!

5.Sneers at you and others too.


Perverts can’t help staring at others in an inappropriate way. They do that often whenever they find somebody very hot, even if they have their girlfriend beside them. They don’t even realize it. Stop dating such men!

6.The Booty Caller


Sometimes, friends with benefits also offends many women. They do not like it when they demand sex suddenly in the middle of the night, and even if you reject that, they wont stop. Guys should respect a girl’s boundaries. If he harasses you about being his booty call, just block him and stay away from him!

7.Speaks dirty, always.


A man should never cross his limits, speaking dirty. It is said that men think about sex every 7 seconds. But that does not means you will speak dirty always. You must keep a close watch on him. This is a sign of being a pervert.

8.The Peeping Tom.


These kind of guys does not needs to touch you or say anything, to be considered a pervert. The way he stares at you with the maniacal look in his eyes proves it all. They also make an effort to look into your home ,watch you undress or even slip into your locker room. If you make your discomfort plain and they still don’t change just buzz them off!

9.Filming your intimate moments. 


It is really disgusting that some people choose video tape to film their intimate moments. There may be some guys who secretly film their girlfriend’s video. This shows that he is a pervert.

10.He has various role-play fantasies.


If your guy wants you to dress like a school girl and hurt you for pleasure, you must keep a check on his internet history and for severe conditions also call the cops. Apart from a pervert he could also be interested in child pornography. They are also susceptible to performing indecent acts to unwilling victims. Be careful ladies!