10 Reasons That Makes You Feel Jealous For Not To Born In March


1. They’re born smart

Are you thinking to fool the march people? Please, save your time and don’t even think of doing it. March born people have great ability to sense the slightest of scams. Thus, they don’t fell into any trap easily.

2. Their brain never sleep

People born in March are overloaded with thoughts. Every minute they think about something, even think about things that happened a decade ago. With so many questions to so many things they always left pondering what the answers would be for all of them.

3. Heart of gold

March babies are extremely generous and sympathetic. They happily help everyone around them and those in need. You hardly find any selfish march people out there.

4. They are faithful

March born are believe to be the most loving partners. They are faithful towards their love ones and sticks by their side even during the difficult times. Though it believes they over think a lot but when it comes to their significant others they tend to make quick decisions.

Wait!! It’s not ended here. There is more to come!

5. They love nature and pets

Well, our March buddies not only have some love for us but also have some love interest for animals. If you have a march dude, you must have seen that how much they take care of their pets, yeah! They treat them like their child.

6. Highly talented

March people are extremely talent fellas! There’s hardly anything they can’t do. Once they put their mind to something, they give their all into that. They’re really quick thinkers; they do everything with logic.

7. Their ability to adaptMarch people

Last but not the least. They are believed to be the strongest trait no matter whatever the situation is March people know how to settle down accordingly. That’s why they’re not very demanding; they’re usually happy with what they have. Wish it was that easy for us too!(*sigh*).

Let’s know what you think about your march friends!