10 Reasons Why Bobby Pins Can Prove Fatal For Your Gorgeous Hair


 All of your bobby pins are fading away in the air!

These hair pins which are also known as ‘kirby pins’ came into existence in the year 1899 to pin up the bobbed hair and that is why they are also called as bobby pins. With its popularity since 1920, it also became an enemy of the women. It doesn’t matter how careful you are these ‘bluffers’ are going to fade away one day. Be it going to party or attending a function, everywhere they always supported us.

#1. The huge bunch of bobby pins that disappear suddenly from your makeup box or wardrobe makes you annoyed.

And all the money was wasted!

#2. If you keep track of all bobby pins that you have ever lost somewhere.  You will come with the HUNDREDS of these little demons as a result.

#3. The unreachable corner of your purse could be the safest place for its escape.

#4. Your head seems bulky when you try to set a single strand of hair with dozens of pins.

#5. The unusual trend of covering the head with a load of bobby pins sometimes leave you in pain.

A results in a loud Ouch!

#6. You need it most and you found it least!

You are able to find a small needle but finding a bobby pin seems very difficult.

#7. You are always in its search and never miss a chance to grab them from marriages and parlors even if you know it is not going to last more than a week.

#8. What if your hair are thicker than normal? This bête noire doesn’t work for you in the first place

#9. Weirdest thing is to find the correct way to use it.

Were you using it in a wrong manner?
Flip the pin and use it for better grip.

#10. When it start annoying you during a workout.