10 Motorcycle Myths and Legends Of Motorcycle Racers


False vs. fact is not a big deal for the motorcycle racers today. They tend to compete with their fellow racers and they forget to care about themselves. Motorcycle is more than just their needs. And sadly, they are not afraid if this will cause them injury or even death. Motorcycle racers, however, should know where they should put themselves when they face a challenging situation in their motorcycle driving. In this article, we will see the 10 motorcycle myths and legends that majority of the motorcycle racers believe. Take time to read and feel free to share your thoughts in the comment box provided below.

1. Lay down your motorcycle if you are going to crash

motorcycle racers
Laying down your motorcycle

Facts: If you are facing this kind of situation, you do not have time to think about laying down your motorcycle. Instead, your mind experience a panic attack and you don’t know what you should do first.

What to do: You should never lay down your motorcycle when you are going to have a crash. Why? According to Wes Siler in his article entitled 10 motorcycle myths and legends, laying down your motorcycle will only make your situation worst. Do not panic. Relax and put as much speed as you can, stay upright and don’t forget to use both of your brakes.

2. Motorcycle race tires will help your motorcycle runs faster on the road

motorcycle racers
Motorcycle race tires.

Facts: The motorcycle race tires are different from road tires so they vary from compounds and properties. Race tires work best when it is really hot to the point of creating a grip sound on the road. After setting off the race tires up to the proper race temperature out on the road, chances are, you are going to fall off from your motorcycle at the first intersection.

What to do:  Use road tires for roads and highways only. Use motorcycle race tires for racing purposes only.

3. Since your motorcycle is smaller than the big cars, you can easily avoid getting a speed ticket from a police speed radars

Motorcycle in the middle of the road
Motorcycle in the middle of the road

Facts: Due to the explosion of technologies nowadays, policemen use high-tech and well-developed lasers. So, they can easily monitor and register the car and motorcycle speed.

What to do: Stop escaping from police speed radars. Be a good citizen to your country. If others escape from getting speed ticket, don’t let yourself be like them. They are the ones who don’t know how to abide simple rules and regulation.

4. You will never fall or get into an accident

Motorcycle accidents can happen anywhere at anytime.
Motorcycle accidents can happen anywhere at anytime.

Facts: Accidents are inevitable. It happens anytime and anywhere. Just because you are good in driving and you have driven for years, it does not mean you will never fall or meet accident along your way.

What to do: Always check your motorcycle before using it. Be careful in driving and use your motorcycle helmet and suit yourself properly. Don’t drive fast if it is not necessary.

5. Traction control will surely help you drive your motorcycle as fast as you can

motorcycle racers
Learn how to use traction control.

Facts: If you are in the process of learning how to use your motorcycle, you still don’t know what the functions of traction control. If you are using your motorcycle for too long and you misinterpret the use of traction control, on the other hand, the traction control will get on your way and slow down the speed of your motorcycle even if it is set to interfering mode.

What to do: Learn how to use the traction control properly at the right time and at the right place.

6. Reminder for motorcycle racers: “New tires with a coat can only be removed  by riding it for a few miles under inflated”

motorcycle racers
Motorcycle tire with a coat in it.

Facts: If you will do that, you are putting yourself at risk. More often than not, new motorcycle road tires may seem have a coating but the truth is it just come out from the mold at the factory.

What to do: Never try to reduce the pressure present in the tires because inflated tires will cause it to flex  and may damage sidewall. In effect, you will be thrown off from your motorcycle down to the road. Never do it.

7. People aged between 18 to 25 years old are the ones who mostly at risk category for injury and death caused by riding a motorcycle

Motorcycle risks at all times for teenagers and adults.
Motorcycle risks at all times for teenagers and adults.

Facts: Tim Watson stated in his blog about the 10 motorcycle myths and legends that the National Highway Transport Safety Administration found out that most of the motorcycle racers who were killed due to motorcycle accidents are those people aged between 40 to 55 years old.

What to do: Always safety yourself first.

8. Do not think about having a motorcycle crash. If you do, you will automatically have a motorcycle crash for sure

Cut off that thinking!
Cut off that thinking!

Facts: Your mental thinking has no connection about having a motorcycle crash. Motorcycle crash is a cause of action and not the inside force of your mentality.

What to do: Always be aware every time you run your motorcycle and be ready to take a prompt action and decision when you face danger.

9. If you are going to buy your first motorcycle, choose your bet.

Think first before buying your desire motorcycle.
Think first before buying your desire motorcycle.

Facts: Once people have enough budget for their motorcycle, they look for the quality of motorcycle they want to buy.  If it is bad, they will look for another even if it is not what their bet anymore.

What to do: Ask your friends what they can say about the motorcycle brand you want. Or ask those people who have experienced on that type of motorcycle brand.

10. Your motorcycle helmet including your protective suit from feet to head make the women fall in love with you

Motorcycle over-all suit makes you sexy!
Motorcycle over-all suit makes you sexy!

Facts: It is true that women can be easily fall in love but you have to know that it is the suit that attract them and not really because of you.

What to do: Your motorcycle suit protect you from harm. Therefore, don’t mind those women who obviously want to be close to you just because of your motorcycle suit. Think about this, “Are you going to risk yourself in the flirting hand of a woman if you already know what in her mind?”. They fall in love? That is another issue to talk about.


Here is it! Hopefully, you have learn something from this article. Moreover, the author of this article is in full hope that there are still motorcycle racers who value their life and they strictly implement each rules and regulation of running a motorcycle. The author also encourages you to support her in changing the behavior of the motorcycle racers towards motorcycle driving through sharing this article to your loved ones and to others. Can you help her?