10 Matchless Destinations For Wedding & Honeymoon


As time passes by, a lot of changes occur in people’s lifestyle. A rising trend is seen in Destination Weddings, where a location is chosen where the wedding takes place, which is eventually not in one’s hometown. After wedding comes the most awaited honeymoon and for that too people choose exclusive locations. Below listed are 7 such locations which might become your dream place too.

1. Tahiti


Tahiti is the most loved locations for weddings and honeymoons. The exotic and beautiful islands are so mesmerizing that anyone can get attracted towards it. The local hotels and restaurants being well aware of the fact that tourists in large number come to visit Tahiti, they have all the arrangements for any kind of ceremonies. So you just need to go and let the experts handle.

2. Seychelles


This is the most charming and tempting destinations for a honeymoon. Vacations here is fully relaxing because here you will get everything you need, from services to great offers. The weather here is just perfect neither sunny nor cold.

3. Mauritius


This place is a full package. Beautiful beaches, luxurious hotels, wonderful sightseeing places and what not. Dinners are being organized near the sea shores for couples. This place is expensive but its worth the money. Special discounts are being given too.

4. Maldives


An exciting feature of this place is that every hotel here gives special discount to those who organize their wedding or honeymoon here. From peaceful walks with your loved one to enjoying loud parties, everything is available here. So according to your mood you can go and enjoy your evening.

5. The Dominican Republic


The distinctive feature of this place is the weather stays the same whole year. It has coral reefs, lagoons, clear water sea, etc. This place is not very expensive and the best part, it serves you with delicious food.

6. Cuba


This is highly visited by the newly weds and so one will find a lot of places which are exclusively designed for these couples. You will smell the romance in the air. This place is silent and you will find eternal peace here. The people here are very friendly and thus one can know a lot about the Cuban culture and lifestyle.

7. Vietnam


This place is a culturally rich land. One will find a lot of luxurious hotels in here. Every ceremony here is held traditionally following all the rituals properly.

8. Cape Town, South Africa


This is a place where you will get the most tasty wine. South Africa is already famous for Jungle Safaris as well. It is internal pleasure driving on the smooth road in this place. You can see penguins here as well.

9. Italy


Italy’s grand canal is very famous in the whole world. The ferry ride is just heavenly to take. Romance around with your partner ad enjoy delicious pizzas as well.

10. Greece


This place is famous for sunsets and white houses. You can also visit the famous Aegean Sea. You rent out a scooter here and enjoy  riding around the place. You feel the tinge of history here.