10 Magical Ribbon Hacks That Can Transform Your Outfit Amazingly


Most of the times we buy a new designer dress or outfit for the fashionable and sexy look. But that sexy look is not required everywhere, you have to wear them according to the place and situation. It might come in your mind that your newly bought fancy dress has become of no use as you can wear it only at grand parties and occasions. Don’t worry here is a new trick to play with your ribbon and make your expensive sexy dress a funky one! Here we go.

1. Turning strapless sexy outfit into funky one:

Take a ribbon of any color in contrast with your outfit halter to a strapless dress. Safety pins the ribbon in place or sews it.

2. Turn a simple pair of shoes into a stylish one:


Take a ribbon and give it a turn around the toe strap and ankle strap. Now, tie a bow, or cut and sew the ends of the ribbon together for a sleek and minimalist look.

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3. Turn your Boxy sweater into stylish one:


 We all have that boxy sweater and to change its look just Lace the ribbon up the front of your shirt. This will also work well on T-shirts, but in that case, you will need to cut holes in your shirt before you can proceed further.

4. Want to turn your old bag in a new look?


Just take a ribbon and strap it on your favorite bag. Tie the bows on the ends, by the hardware and just knot them around.

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5. Replace the existing lace on an old dress with the ribbon:

It’s another great way to add color and texture to a monochromatic look. Take a ribbon with the same width as an old lace; it just gives your dress looks nice.

6. Change the look of a simple pair of boots by wrapping the ribbon around them:


To change the look of your boots, use ribbon of contrast colors for a hard to handle look.

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7. Adding a bow to the neck of any top with a rolled collar gives you a cool look:


Take your shirt and Cut two slits in the top layer of the collar, then thread the ribbon as a drawstring. You must have a wider ribbon which is as wide as the collar of your shirt.

8. Keep on experimenting with your boots by wrapping the ribbon around in different ways:


The way you wrap your boots has a major impact on the overall look of your dress. You can also give a try by using ribbon on printed boots.

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 9. You can just change the look of your dress by using four pieces of ribbons:


 Take a ribbon and cover it around your waist and then turn it on your back. Then use another piece of ribbon and knot it on the waist and loop it behind your neck, and then back to your waist, and knot it to the end of the first ribbon. Now, simply adjust the positions of the knots. Remove the excess ribbon. Finally, take two smaller pieces or ribbon and tie a bow over each of the knots on the front of the dress.

10. Change the look of sandals with wider ribbons:


Remove the ankle strap from your sandals. The ribbon must be of the same width, or you can go for a more dramatic look with a wider ribbon.

Thus, these were the ten hacks to transform your any outfit from a sexy look to a funky one.