10 Jaw Dropping Images of The Earth Taken by NASA


National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) is an independent agency of the United States government responsible for the civilian space programs as well as aeronautics and aerospace research. NASA has researched, found, hypothesized as well as proven a lot about the planets, starts, extraterrestrials, black holes, galaxies and what not. A lot is invested in the research of the outer universe. The more we know, the huge it becomes. So, NASA has got a key role in research of the world outside the world.

As NASA has launched a lot of space stations, artificial satellites, there are a lot of pictures taken every hour and even every minute by the astronauts. So, here are some of the most mesmerizing pictures taken by NASA.

1.This picture of an erupting volcano is just breath-taking. Earth and it’s beauty! It seems more mesmerizing when it gets angry.


2. Words can’t describe the beauty of this night view of our planet Earth and the wonders the humans have created.


3. This is the image of a tornado forming on Earth. Angry nature truly looks mesmerizing.


4. I want to be an astronaut. That is the only thing I am thinking right now. Who knew these simple pleasures of being an astronaut?


5.Imagine seeing this with your own eyes. Imagine seeing this huge blue and white ball hanging on nothing in front of you!


6. Everything looks so small but breathtaking from up-above.


7. I am here thinking…When did we seriously make so many electric tubes and bulbs?



8. That is not a moon, it is The Earth.




10. Holy Earth! *Screams* Caught ya!