10 Most Intelligent Dogs In The World


It is a very true fact that dog is the only creature on this earth who can love a person more than he loves himself. He is the most loyal pet and lovable too. He has been the friend of man from the ancient times and has the characteristics to make you feel happy in any of your mood.

The dog comes in the category of highly mature and intelligent creature. Here, I present to you the world’s ten most intelligent and capable dogs.

1. Border Collie


These are the herding dogs that have been originated from the Anglo-Scottish border. They have been known from the ancient times for their intelligence and learning nature.

2. Husky


This is a dog of the polar bred and is used primarily in the northern region to pull the sleds. This is the fastest dog having a high level of intelligence and energy within them.

3. German Shepherd


This dog is also known by the name of Alsatian and is one of the most strong and agile animals. They have lively intelligent eyes and are loved by most of the people.

4. Shetland Sheepdog


This dog is lovingly called sheltie and is from Scotland. These dogs are very quick learners and are very fast at obeying the commands.

5. Labrador


These are the favorite pets and have playful eyes. They come in three wonderful colors- chocolate, yellow and bold. With a smelling sense, they are highly smart.

6. English setter


This dog is of medium size and is used preferably for hunting. An obedient training can make these dogs very smart and gentle.

7. Papillon


These are very small in size with fringed hair along the ears. This dog is highly known for its intelligence and comes out to be a happy breed.

8. Doberman


This is a very charming breed which is exceptionally intelligent and smart. Also, they are very gentle and loving. With long tails, they are highly agile.

9. Australian cattle


These are very strong and sturdy dogs and very smart as well. They are known for their activeness and are highly energetic. They can easily travel the long distances.

10. St. Bernard


This is a working and rescue dog which is found in Swiss Alps. This dog is known for his intelligence and the physical abilities being possessed by him.

These are some amazing breeds of dogs that are the best to keep as a pet. Which one is your choice now??