10 Innovations That Every Dog Lover Will Love


Dogs are a man’s best friends. They are smart, reliable and selfless; they protect us and make us happier by showing us what absolute love is. So, it’s time to give them something in return, which will strengthen the bond between you and your best buddy. Here we have 10 innovations that every dog lover will definitely love:

1.Fit Bark :


This is called Dog Activity Monitor device, you can monitor the dog health every day. You will be able to track your dog’s progress which will help you understand the changes his behavior.


2.Dog Bed:


The micro-suede-and-fleece-lined bed is plenty big for your lovely pooch whether he’s stretched out or curled up into one of his weird tiny balls position. It’s also super soft and machine washable.


3.Dog Car Seat Saver:


The number of things your dog can tear, rip, urinate on, or otherwise ruin knows no limit. Car seats are certainly on that list. But don’t be tricked into thinking you need some fancy seat-guard system with zippers, fancy attachments, and exotic fabrics.


4.Dog T-shirt:


There are many companies that will print pictures and wording onto a t-shirt so you can create your own special message for your pet.


5.Safety Harness:


There are many reasons why these are a great idea. There is nothing more tragic then losing a pet in an accident that could have been prevented.


6.Dog Carry Bag:


For larger dogs you can purchase a dog stroller, very similar to a baby stroller to look at but designed for your dog. These are ideal, especially for old or poorly dogs that would benefit from a breath of fresh air.


7.Dog Spa Kit:


Dogs can get a bit smelly sometimes so why not treat them to the complete spa treatment. You will find a range of products especially designed dogs, including shampoo, conditioner, perfume or cologne and toothpaste and brush.


8.Subscription to Dognition:


It offers a series of games that help reveal how your dog sees the world. The games measure things like empathy, communication, cunning, memory, and reasoning, and promise to give you greater insight into what makes your dog tick.




A satellite pay channel dedicated to dogs. Come on. Encourage on by curiosity and subscribe a free trial period.


10.Chuckit Launcher:


You get a super-long throw range, a slobber-free ball pick-up mechanism, and you save your throwing shoulder.

All these inventions will definitely make your Dog happy. This is what you always wanted….