10 Ideal Apps Of 2016 Which Made Our Lives Trouble-Free


Play store, Apple Store or Windows Store, all these stores are loaded with end number of apps. We have apps for everything, daily health tips, status for WhatsApp, scanner, etc. These apps are not only liked because they make our lives smooth but, also are appreciated due to their UI, design, features, etc. The most important reason, that they are loved so much is because they are free of cost. Here are the 10 apps of 2016 which are regarded as the best apps.

Pokemon Go

This cartoon show ruled the lives of the 90’s kids and now in 2016, it was finally launched as a mobile app. As soon as it launched the whole world seemed to sway on the tunes of this game. In this game, one has to go around and search for Pokemon as Ash, Misty, and Broc did; traveling to various cities and catching Pokemon. One of the best feature’s was that with the use of one’s camera one could play this game in real surroundings.


This photo editing app was just out of the league. This is was nothing like the normal editing apps like B612, Beauty Plus, PicsArt Photo Studio, etc. This app edits you photograph into an unusual filter or style.

Google Translate

I still remember flaunting in front of my friends by using this and typing phrases or words correctly in other languages. This app allows its user to type or speak a phrase or a word in a language which the user knows and it translates it into other languages. This app works offline for iPhones.


This app again made the users crazily using it. This app takes still photographs and transforms them into GIFs. You can play those videos in forward or backward motions. It is so much fun using this feature. This is available on Instagram.

Google Trips

Google launched this app so that you can schedule your vacations or official trips in a very well timed manner. It not only sees your flight or train tickets but it also plans a route suitable for you. It has offline travel guide which is a great help to the user to see the nearest restaurants, landmarks, etc.


So are you on a vacation or you attended a party where you drank a beer and would like to drink it more often. Here is the perfect app for it, just scan the QR code with this app and this app will save that with all the details of the Beer for you. So that you can see it later.


While in college or office you surf the internet and you come across some article which you don’t have the time to read at that moment, save it into your digital pocket. This is also available as an extension so while using your official computer you can save it and read it on your phone while you are relaxing at home.


This app enables you to edit videos like a master. It will give you the suggestions for selecting music, effects, etc. It does its work on its own it automatically extracts the important parts from the video.

Netflix’s Fast.com

This is one of the most well-planned app’s for measuring your data speed. Other apps might not be much reliable than this but this is a product of Netflix. You will know 24*7 what is your current data speed and can use your data more efficiently.

NYT Cooking

Tired after a long hectic day at work? This app is a blessing in disguise. This is an app by The New York Times, which enables you to search through ingredients, preparation time, etc. The best feature about this app is that you can save those mouth-watering dishes offline.