10 Hair Washing Mistakes You Didn’t Know You Were Making


Hair is fickle; it looks beautiful in one minute and a muggy mess the next. You see shampooing as the only option to clean your hair at the end right? Wrong! Clean hair is more than just taking a shower or scrubbing with shampoo. Yeah! With little knowledge and misbeliefs, you can create trouble for your hair. Hopefully, you can have amazing soft and gorgeous hair if you stop making this 10 hair washing mistakes.

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1. After first wash Don’t wait long for your second hair wash

Yes, this is very mistake people often commit. It is very necessary to wash your hair thrice a week or whenever it needs.

2. Shampooing Every Wash

Do wash your hair with shampoo once a week. Other normal days take shower or wash it plain water. If you use shampoo daily it will dry your scalp.

3. Scrubbing your scalp

Stop scrubbing your hair! Instead, gently work your fingers through your hair. This will prevent damage and breakage to your hair.

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4. Hot Shower 

Hot showers definitely have benefits but not much for your hair. The heat just dries out your scalp and skin! Try rinsing your hair either with lukewarm or cold water.

5. Too Many shampoos

Your hair is very sensitive, experimenting with different shampoos can be a bad idea. It is better to protect your hair by sticking to only one shampoo.

6. Pouring on the Shampoo

Sometimes there may be a chance of remaining shampoo on your head even after washing your hair nicely. So, don’t take out shampoo in excessive amount only put on what you need.

7. Towel Drying Your Hair

A towel can create friction which can break your hair. It’s better to let your hair dry naturally else you can use any soft cloth.

8. Brushing on wet hair!

Yes, you should definitely stop brushing your hair when it’s wet. As brushing on wet hair can break or damage your hair badly. Better shampoo gently and you won’t end up with tugs.

9. Not Soaking Your HairMake sure your hair is completely soaked before applying shampoo!

10. Always Shampooing Your Scalp

Instead of starting shampooing on scalp start with the nape of your neck every once and a while.