10 Features Of iPhone 7 That Makes It A Right Away Buy!!


The much awaited iPhone 7 is finally out. 7th of September came as a golden day in the life of iPhone lovers as the Apple Inc. unveiled the phone of the year; the iPhone 7. As previous times, Apple comes up with striking features making this phone all worthy for its price that is estimated starts from a whole lot 60000 INR. Though, the features as compared to the previous phones were not that very impressive; the fans are already making queues to buy them on this 16th of September; the launch date of iPhone 7. If you too hold a patronage to iPhone, here are 12 features of the Apple iPhone that you must know about:

  • Design:


Though the phone appears like his ancestors from the family, it has a better antenna design which makes it appear a little less offensive and the camera is carved from the same aluminum which offers a seamless feel.

  • Power:


Not many of us know about this technically still it is worth mentioning. It has a 64-bit quad-core chipset that is 40 % faster than the previous one and a new six-core GPU which is again 50 % faster to its previous model.

  • Display


The iPhone 7 has a 25% brighter display than the last year model. They support 3D touch     and offers enhanced color management.

  • Battery Life:


Not much advancement, it is likely to last 2 more hours than the iPhone 6s.

  • Camera:


Now this is where the fans got a whole gift hamper. The new camera is completely revamped. Here are the features:

  • Optical image stabilization
  • 6-element lens
  • 7-megapixel front-facing camera
  • f/1.8
  • New image signal processor with twice the throughput of Apple’s earlier ISP
  • Quad-LED True Tone flash
  • 60% faster and 30% more energy-efficient 12-megapixel sensor
  • Home Button:


The latest version comes with a Force Touch support and a new Taptic engine.

  • New Colors:


Apple has bid a goodbye to the space gray this time. Instead, the iPhone 7 will have a “black” & high glossed “jet black” color. Silver, gold and rose gold will remain the same.

  • Water Resistance:


Now you can dive into the water with your iPhone in your pocket. The new iPhone 7 is water resistant.

  • Audio:


Those who loved dangling their headphone cord or use your phone with aux are going to cry over this feature of Phone 7. The new model doesn’t come with a headphone jack instead you get a pair of lightning earpods.

  • The wireless tech:


This is something that excites us the most. Now if you want to sync your new iPhone 7 with any other apple device all you need to do is place them near it and you are done. Thanks to the W1 Chip!!