10 cool tricks to teach your dog


Dogs are one the friendliest and loyal creatures of human. Dogs have an equal amount of emotions compared to a human being and are a lovely companion for many people. Dogs understand our signs and language and act accordingly. Try some of the easiest and the most common commands to teach your dog.

The Name to get me

The Name to get me

It is quite obvious that a dog comes by calling its name. We may have been doing this all our life, but this is a command or a way of reaching your dogs.

Clicker to get ready

clicker sound for dog

A clicker or a similar sound to get ready for the task. It could be going to pool or start searching for a bomb. A clicker sound gives an alert to dog to act instantly.

Stick for activity

Stick for dog

A stick can be use to train the dog. As we have seen army and police officials train the dog for a long time to do the task of finding bombs, narcotic substances effectively. These training are provided with the help of a stick.

Say to stand


A dogs understand human language by living with him for a long time and with a better communication. We can make dogs stand by saying in the local language.

Sign to go away

Sign to go away dog

A hand sign to go away from the place by the master. This sign is useful, when masters are busy with something else and have no time for the dog at the moment.

Scream to run


A high pitch in tone and voice should command the dog to run away. This will also ensure that the dog takes the task quickly to get results.

Clap to find


We can train a dog find keys, wallet, drinks and more.. A clap should command the dog in finding the respective thing for us quickly.

Sign to shut up

shut up

A hand sign to shut the dog from barking. This sign is useful when a friend of ours comes at the door and we welcome him by putting the dog to silence.

Sign to eat

Red Smooth Haired Dachshund eating food from blue plastic pet bowl

A dog should never be having food without a command from the master. This comes under the umbrella of behavior. Most of the official dogs like the army and the police dogs are usually follows the command as they had been trained. These dogs could be sensitive in its task and without being trained properly to follow the command could result in a huge loss.

Pee to pee


Dogs are usually trained to pee outside the house or a specific place. Not many dogs would have an opportunity to go out freely and pee independently. This command will be useful for residential people, who would not prefer a dogs pee on a sofa in the house.