10 Common Reasons For Relationship Breakups


Ending your relationship to someone you love can be painful and torturing. However, a breakup, though painful, can be the best thing you will do if your relationship to someone is not working well. In this case, breakup is a blessing.

See below the identified common reasons for relationship breakups.

1. Two-timer

This is the number one reason why many chose to break up. There is no hope to rebuild the trust you have to your partner once he cheated you. 


2. Empty love giving way

Only in rare cases that two people will end up not loving each other anymore. But you have to understand that there are various reasons of losing your love to your special one. For example, you do not find him attractive and you are always pre-occupied to other things.


3. Too much showing of possessiveness

breakupsLet us say your partner is very possessive to the point of crossing the wall of greediness. Sometimes, the possessiveness of your partner is annoying and irritating. When you no longer hold on staying on his side because of his possessiveness, you will choose to break up with him rather than having him to control all aspects of your life. Of course, it is good to be possessive at times but if it is too much, that is a bad sign in a relationship.


4. Violent behavior

This is one of the worst causes for breakups. If your special one is abusive towards you, this shows that it is not an angel love that he has for you. Instead, it is an evil love that resides in his heart.


5. Bad romance in bed

There is a chance of breakup if the two of you is not suitable in bed. If your special one forces you to agree to what he wants without considering your happiness, chances are, he will put you closer to breakup.


6. When money comes on the way

If your love for money is greater than your love to your special one, that is too bad thing that will put your relationship in an end. Also, the more you get in your way to popularity (money is always involved in one`s popularity), the more you are per-occupied to it. 


7. Having a habit of humiliating your special one in public

Every time you humiliate and pull down your partner in public, the more you put your relationship at stake. You are well-aware that humiliating your special one in public is not a good joke because it is the dignity of your partner that you are trying to destroy! On the other hand, you hurt and make him feel bad. If you are in his shoes, will you not also feel the same?


8. Fighting

Always fighting without resolving the problem in a nice way is not a good sign for a lifetime relationship. That is why many decided to end their relationship.


9. Demanding nature

There is no absolute freedom in a relationship if one of you has a demanding behavior. For example, you dictate that he should do this way, that way and vice versa. In the end, you will lose him because of your bossy behavior.


10. Misunderstanding

Often times, misunderstanding in a relationship leads to breakup. If you don`t want to hear the side of your special one, then, the misunderstanding will become like a worse nightmare not only to you but also to your special one.

Not all tangled affairs have peaceful endings. At times, you just have to endure. On the other hand, being hurt at heart is not easy to deal with. But God did not give us with the ability to love simply to make us suffer from it. He also made us with the ability to mend. It takes time to recover when your relationship with your special one ends. But everything can be done. The human heart does heal.