10 Comics Showing What Love Looks Like Before and After 30


Most of us are afraid of getting aged, for many turning 30 is a kind of psychological milestone. We always longed to stay young, but I believe ageing is not that bad thing. Trust me there are lot of benefits to being 30, yeah! you still stay young the only difference is you turn much smarter and more independent than when you were at 20.

Let’s have a look on these beautiful changes of life which are narrated through these fine comics work.

H/T: Brightside

#1 Understanding!

#2 When those long talks change to meetings

#3 When jealousy gets replaced by caring

#4. And this is how you can feel the modification!

#5 So you finally stop spending extra

#6. Enjoying the evening together!

#7 Happiness is being together

#8 Because they love you not your appearance

#9 With time everything changes as you turn more mature#10. And the definition of pure love for you at 30 changes as well