Google Chrome: Tips and Tricks Your Were Unaware of.

Google Chrome Tips and Tricks

The era of Internet Explorer has come to an end. Google Chrome has taken over the internet web browsers. But, many users are unaware of the different options available on Google Chrome, which can be used without the need of a third party software. Let’s have a look at the top ten useful tricks on Google Chrome.

Create Shortcut Keys

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Keyboard Shortcuts

There are several extensions that can be added to your Google Chrome. Most people are unaware of this feature, but you can even customize the shortcuts to use these extensions. Go to chrome://extensions in the address section and scroll down to Keyboard Shortcuts. Choose the specific extension for which you want to create the shortcut and make the necessary changes.

Quick save to PDF

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Save as PDF

Sometimes you come across a webpage and you want to save it to read later while you are offline. The best way is to save as PDF. With Google Chrome use the keys Ctrl+ P or Cmd+P (for Mac users) which will take you to the print screen options. Select ‘Save as PDF’. It’s as easy as that.

Fix Your Slow Chrome 

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Task Manager

You might have noticed that any browser when used for a prolonged time will become slow. The usual procedure is to close and reopen. But the best method to figure out the specific window or application that is the problem maker. Open Task Manager and you can figure out which one is taking up the most memory. You can end that specific task and restore the speed.

Deleting Browser History 

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Delete Selected History

Sometimes you have to selectively delete the browsing history. This is easy with Google Chrome as you can choose the checkboxes and delete it. When you have to delete the whole history or a certain section, you select the first box and hold down shift key and select the last box of the section. All the websites in between gets selected. You can now delete.

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Retrieve your Saved Passwords 

Show Saved Password
Show Saved Password

Chrome has an option to remember your passwords and we often save all the email, social networking and other commonly used accounts. The basic purpose is to make it easy to login, but with this you can also retrieve your saved passwords. Type in chrome://settings/passwords. The list of saved passwords will be shown. You can click the show option to get the saved password.

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Quickly send Emails 

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Send Email from Browser

We usually open Gmail in a tab when we have to send an email. You can easily do this by typing in the address section and it works like a shortcut to open Gmail with the mail ready to be typed in.

The Notemaker 

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Make Notes

This is the best application of Google Chrome. Type in data:text/html,<html contenteditable>  to the address bar. Now you can use the chrome tab as your notepad.

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Quick View Cache Version 

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Sometimes your internet is slow and you want to open the cached version of the website. Add cache before the website address and will be displayed the cache version.

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Save as Icons
Save as Icons

Add as many bookmarks as you want to the bookmarks toolbar by removing the text. Right Click on the bookmark and edit the text to clear it. This will display the icons alone making space for adding several bookmarks.


Clear Website Suggestions 

Clear Suggestion
Clear Suggestion

Suggestions are displayed when you type website address in the address bar. You can clear this by holding Shift+Delete buttons after highlighting the specific website suggestion you want to delete.

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