Wow! These Coffee Tables Have Their Glass As Water And The Base As Animal


Designer Derek Pearce, is known for creating beautiful coffee tables where the glass represents the surface of a body, and the base represents various animals like dolphins, otters, and seals.

Art is not what you see, but what you make others see. Artist, Derek made some great water tables which are so admirable and classy. They are so unique and after looking at them, you would definitely want to buy one. These water tables have been exhibited and advertised, and they were sold across the globe. You can even commission your own special “Furniture Sculpture” by Derek.

Have a look at some of the most amazing designs:

1.The Hippo Table

coffee tables


2. This is a Majestic Design



3. The Diving Dolphins



4. This defines nature at its finest



5. The Frog Table looks mesmerizing!



6. The Back of Hippo Table16


7. This is Pretty Fascinating!



8. It is carved in solid lime wood



9. The Synchronised Swimmers



10. King Kanute holding back the waves – or trying to!


Derek Pearce also launched his online store where you can purchase his incredible designs.

For more details visit his official website-