Workout Less: Gain More. 16 Tips to Reap from Exercising


With very less time for daily activities, we do not find enough time to spend in the gym or for jogging. But current studies stress on the need for optimal exercises routine to ensure good health and for the strong sturdy look.
The trick is to follow an effective workout routine that can give you great output in 30 minutes.
The tips given below are for those who train regularly. Those who have any heart condition should consult with practitioner. Those who are new to workout should step into it gradually. The below program is rigorous.

  1. Reduce time and increase intensity

    increase workout intensity
    Studies have proven that training for long hours tend to cause more damage to health than benefits. The optimal workout time is 30-40 minutes. The trick is to make the most of this time when your body is ready to take high intensity workouts.
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  2. Moving into high intensity sessions

    how to better work out
    Never jump in to intense exercises. Start it slow with reduced time and then gradually increase the time and intensity. The minimum defined time to create endurance is one month.
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  3. Push in the Protein

    proteins in workout
    The importance of protein for exercises was not given proper importance until recent times. Proteins are the building blocks of the muscles. With exercise, your goal is to build the muscles and without proteins the basic purpose would not be fulfilled.
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  4. Stay hydrated

    water and exercise
    Drink enough water and stay hydrated. Make sure to drink in small amounts all through the day.

  5. Carbohydrate dose

    carbohydrates and exercise
    We all know that carbohydrates are the energy gives for the body. People who are on dieting, stick to a low-carb diet plan. But those who are on intense exercise routines, your body will require the carbohydrate fill to provide energy. Banana is one of the optimal sources for carb.
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  6. Shakes

    Carbs/protein shake in exercise
    While planning for a rigorous exercise, you will have to boost your body. The best boosters are protein and carbohydrate shakes. You can also replenish your body with a shake after the session. The flush of amino acids will help in muscle build up and supplement with a good meal in an hour after workout.

  7. Lift and Release Slowly

    effective exercising
    Pulling up is done slowly but it is let down quicker. Give a time of about 5 seconds each for both lifting and lowering and this will increase the pressure on the move.

  8. Adjusting weights

    adding the weights
    It is necessary to build your form by starting with lesser weights. Even after you have built your form, make sure to choose the weight according to your form. Only a good form can give the benefit of heavy weights. Wipe off the misconception that heavier ones are for body builders.

  9. Compound exercise

    compound exercise
    Exercises like squats and lunges work on a wide range of muscles at a time. These are better than isolated muscle exercises like bicep curl. Choosing the right set of exercises can help you work out all the muscles in an exercise session.
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  10. Next step to lifting

    next step in exercise
    When you must move in to next level in lifting, go for a slightly tough balancing act. You lift while standing, on one leg or on a yoga ball. The duo of lifting and balancing will exert pressure on several muscles.

  11. Change routine

    new exercise regimen
    With the same regimen every day, your body will get used to it and the stress level will come down gradually. To keep up the interest and the muscle pressure, try different routines each time.

  12. Hills

    exercise hill
    While on the run, going biking or on treadmill, try to incorporate hills to increase the effectiveness. Running on a hill for half an hour is better than running on flat ground.

  13. Create a circuit

    Circuit exercise
    The same exercise without rest can tire your muscles. The best method is to create a loop of different kinds of exercises whereby different muscles are targeted. The muscles get enough rest in between.

  14. Get help

    need for a trainer
    For swimming and weight lifting, you can get help from a trainer to give you tips on building form. This is very necessary at least in the first month and once you have built the form, you can carry forward on your own.

  15. Cardio king

    role of cardio
    Cardio exercises like biking, running, etc. are fun and will help to keep your interest in exercising.

  16. Wobbly form

    workout session
    The number of sets is not the important one. The effectiveness lies in in a good set and even one is fine rather than a wobbly form.

    For an optimal exercise regimen, the base note is to stick to intense workouts alternating between cardio and training. The right weights and clubbing of exercises is essential. Make sure to maintain form always and choose the exercise and weight based on form.