Words of Cicero of 43 B.C…. Still Applies to Current Situation?


Marcus Tullius Cicero also known as Tully was one of the greatest orators of Rome in the middle ages. Even those like Charles Dickens have been inspired by his writings and quotes about several aspects around us. This one is one of the catchiest quote of Cicero that has been going viral. The words by this man who lived even before Christ, clearly denotes the current situation in the world around us. We should be familiar with Caesar, and Cicero lived during the times of Caesar.
Cicero and Words of wisdom

  1. The poor – work & work.
  2. The rich – exploit the poor.
  3. The soldier – protects both.
  4. The taxpayer – pays for all three.
  5. The wanderer – rests for all four.
  6. The drunk – drinks for all five.
  7. The banker – robs all six.
  8. The lawyer – misleads all seven.
  9. The doctor – bills all eight.
  10. The undertaker – buries all nine.
  11. The Politician – lives happily on account of all ten.
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The list is a simple representation of how the hierarchy of levels of people works in the society. He imparted great Republican thoughts to Rome and played a major role during the civil war. At each level, one class of people exploit the other eventually it ends with Politicians making their gain from all the classes.

Doubts Arise
Cicero quote or not?

There have also been other citations of the same quote online in which the 11th point has prostitutes along with politicians. It is true that every section of the hierarchy depends on prostitutes and politicians in one way or the other. But the question arises how was this exactly quoted by a person who lived in the ages before the birth of Christ?
Was it the same system prevalent in Rome at that time?

Different Variations of the Quote on Internet
cicero quote

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But the variation of the quote gives us the first reason to believe that this would not have been a work by Cicero.
A quote which was said in 43 B.C would have only one version to it. With several version, this has raised suspicions and researches delved in to find the truth behind origin of the phrase.

Keep reading to know the astounding findings of the researchers.
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Was this Actually Quoted by Cicero

Many have noted this to be an apocryphal as the verse was first noted on the Occupy Wall Street web forum on August 4, 2012. There has been no proof available to validate it to be a work of Cicero. There are several other such quotes and thoughts which have been vaguely related to the Roman orator. This might be because, people have created summaries of Cicero’s thinking and dedicated it to his name.
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He himself was a politician and it is very unlikely that he would have made such a strong comment about his own profession. Most of his philosophical writings have been made after the dictatorial rule of Caesar.

What is an Apocryphal?
cicero apocryphal

Apocrypha are primitive works of story or phrases whose origin is not known or there are doubts about it. Even the Holy Bible has apocryphal statements which are followed by the Catholics but not found in Hebrew books.

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End of Cicero
cicero of 43 BC

Towards the end of his life, he had made enough enemies in his fight to establish the Republic. He was finally proclaimed as an enemy of the state and was killed by the soldiers if Marc Antony. His head was placed on display and thus was the brutal end to one of the greatest orators of all time.