You Will Be Shocked To Know That These Eatables Are Not Indian


One of the important feature’s of the Indian culture is its diverse cuisine. You visit any part of India you will find the place full of mouth watering delicacies. Be it the fish curry of West Bengal or the famous biryani of Hyderabad. These eatables are like the identities of the places. But there are few edibles which till now we thought were a part of Indian culture but actually are not.

1. Idli

This is the staple diet of the southern part of India. Dumplings of rice and pulses are eaten with vegetable stew. Idli is like an awesome gift from southeast Asia to the south of India. The Indonesian Hindu rulers use to visit India in search of Brides and with the royalty came the royal cooks as well who cooked Idlis for breakfast. Fermentation is very common in Indonesia and there are a lot of food items which are cooked by fermenting.


2. Biryani

Biryani is something which the Indians love from the core of their hearts. Many types of Biryani can be found in India like Biryani for vegetarian and non-vegetarian people, the Hyderabadi Biryani, the Kolkata special Biryani, etc. The history of Biryani says that it was an idea given by Mumtaz Begam wife Shah Jahan, the famous Mughal Ruler. Mumtaz Begam invented this dish for the soldiers in the war where they could eat and get energy by mixing herbs, meat, and rice together. Biryani was introduced in India by the Persian people.


3. Coffee

Coffee is like the drug without which our survival will be in danger. The key to a great and productive day at the office is a good cup of Coffee. Are you sad or do you have a headache, coffee is the one which is the ultimate cure. With a lot of tea and coffee plantation in India, the Indians believe that coffee is an Indian product but originally coffee originated in Ethiopia. Coffee came to Indian through Baba Budan who had gone to Mecca to perform Haj, he came back crossing Yemen, where he got a chance to taste Coffee and so he brought seven seeds of coffee through which he grew Coffee.


4. Samosa

These triangular fries with different stuffings are perfect for one’s food cravings. A variety of Samosas are found in India, Chinese samosa which has a filling of noodles, sweet samosa which has a filling of coconut, the normal samosa with a filling of potato and peas, etc. But again there is a misconception that samosa are Indian products. Absolutely not! Samosa was brought in India by the businessmen of Central Asia.


5. Pav

Whenever the Indians hear this word the first thing that comes to our minds is the Wada Pav of Mumbai. Well, again Pav was brought in India by the Portuguese people. It is a fluffy bread which is eaten with different eatables.

6. Potatoes

Potatoes are the lifeline of the Indian Cuisines. Every second dish includes Potatoes or the starters will have some or the other mandatory dish made with Potatoes. Potato farming is widely done in India during the monsoon season. Potato originally was grown in Peru. The Portuguese people introduced Potato in Indian in the seventeenth century and the Britishers made potato as one of the main root crops which was grown in West Bengal.