When You Will See These Records Set By Game Of Thrones, Your MINDS WILL BE BLOWN!!

records set by game of thrones

Game of Thrones since its beginning has been awing people to the fullest with its best in class casts and George RR Martin’s impressive storyline; Game of Thrones has surely won a lot of hearts. Here are the five amazing records set by Game of Thrones till now :

1. Reining at the Emmy’s

Records set by game of thrones

24 nominations and winning 12 out of 24, Game of thrones set the record of the highest nominations and even the highest number of winnings in a single Emmy event. As we all know Emmys are the academy awards to the television industry, and reining the Emmy’s like this has never been done before.

2. A massive tally of awards

Records set by game of thrones204 industry awards, 581 varied awards including 110 Emmy nominations; the figures say it. Game of thrones has set a new level of fan following across the globe and the massive amount of awards pouring reflects this fact.

3. Handsome nominations across all six seasons

Records set by game of thrones

It’s not that the Game of Thrones had any one of the season winning whole lot of awards, but instead game of thrones had everything in it from the first season itself. Amazing plot, competent casts and the best in class direction assured game of thrones a number of awards.

4. An Award for an award-winning star-cast

Records set by game of thrones

Although game of thrones has a number of award winning characters but Jon Snow- the white wolf is the most loved of them all. Game of thrones him elected him as the most popular character by a margin of 35% votes. Jon snow is driven by a lot of complexities like love, courage, respect and dedication etc.

5. A political fan following

Records set by game of thrones

Fascinatingly, game of throne didn’t shed its magic on the mango people around the world but world leaders such as Barrack Obama, David Cameron and other influential political leaders are also enthusiastic followers of the series.