You Will Need Only 4 Ingredients and 4 Steps To Make These Super Awesome Easter Eggs


Easter is round the corner. The whole world is united to mark the spring season with the Easter Sunday. Easter the season of chocolate eggs and bunnies. You get so many flavors and varieties. But the one which you can make at home is the best one. This recipe is about Oreo egg truffle. The description below will force you to make them.

They look so delicious, let’s have a look at the ingredients you will need



Oreo biscuits, Cream cheese, 2 cup choco chips and 100 grams white almond bark.

Put your apron on and let’s get started

#1. Grind the Oreo biscuits and mix them with the cream. Blend them till the batter is thick and smooth.

#2. Then take the dough and shape them like eggs. Now, put them in the refrigerator on baking sheets to condense it till hard.

#3. Then melt the chocolate chips and dip the eggs in it properly. Then once again keep all the eggs in the refrigerator to harden.

#4. Lastly, melt then white almond bark and decorate your eggs as you like and serve them

Wasn’t that damn easy?


Try and let us know!

Happy Easter!