You Will Be Amazed To Know That This Big Droplet Of Water Is Actually A Cake


Japan is like the motherland of technology. The number of inventions they have done and are doing always keeps them on the list. But along with inventions, they are also into innovations. Making the imagined into reality is their favorite pastime. The jelly like thing that you see is actually a cake. It looks like a water droplet but it is a cake known as Shingen Mochi.

It won’t pop like a water bubble but as soon as you eat it, it melts in your mouth making you feel heavenly. It is eaten with brown sugar syrup.


It made by solidifying water. Once the cake is served within a span of say 30 minutes it will start losing its shape.

The point is that how amazing things are yet to be seen and invented. This cake is a like new generation of cakes.

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