What was the Bigfoot Mystery All About?


The Bigfoot Mystery has been running around in our minds for a long time now. Some of the alleged photographs and video footage available prove that there is a gigantic chimp-like animal who is believed to live in the remote areas of the world but not yet known to the world. Despite hair samples found in the past, it is surprising that no body has yet been found which reveals about the animal.

The ape-like creatures, do they really exist?


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The Bigfoot wonder has one of the biggest followings in cryptozoology with few research organizations active in the United States and all around the world. Tests have been conducted in the woods of North America looking for this kind of animal. There have been several images, videos and even hair samples of the animal, but scientists are yet to recover or find the body of the animal. Reports of Bigfoot sightings & peculiar shrieking sounds in the forest areas have been heard every now & then. Individuals who live in remote zones report experiencing the animals outside their homes, claiming that the sounds and behaviours are not normal.

Characteristics of the Chimp




Reports around the physical characteristics of the creature reveal that the creature is around 10 to 12 ft. tall with dark coloured hair. The creature looks similar to humans but gigantic in size. The animal seems to be shy and prefers to be away from human. Yet no human has been able to find the creature or spot its body anywhere which remains a hindrance to analysing this creature better.

A Video Proof


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There was a video clip by two trekkers in 1967. People recorded a Bigfoot crossing the woods and staring at the people before vanishing into adjacent trees. The footage has been broadly examined and investigated throughout the years, some trust it to be untrue while others consider it to be the absolute most essential bit of cryptozoological proof ever.


DNA Tests from Experts




New DNA research gathered by experts prove that a kind of hereditary connection may be the answer to the hundreds of years old puzzle. Some of the experts from the University of Oxford set off on a worldwide journey to open up the mystery of the Bigfoot. Experts gathered and tried the creature’s hair tests in the western Himalayas to discover what species they originated from. The hair samples obtained were subjected to the most refined DNA tests accessible and comparing the outcomes to other DNA’s creatures’ DNAs has left the experts surprised. The jawbone matches rare polar bear, which existed 40000 years ago. The DNA results are a piece of the most driven Bigfoot DNA investigation the world has ever seen. The Oxford Project takes a look at the hereditary relationship between our own particular types of Homo sapiens and different primates.

Very recently, a team of experts from all over the world collated the tests and the study to put an end to the mystery. The study was set out to find whether Bigfoot is a creature from the human family like Neanderthals, gorillas or some different species. It is still a disputed subject, as not much of tests are coming out in a positive manner.