These Ways To Accessorize Outfits Will Make You The Limelight Of The Show


You go about wearing your beautiful black dress or your crisp white shirt but still feel incomplete? The magical solution is accessories. So there are four easy ways to accessorize outfits and choose from so that you never feel unsatisfied. Well, who wants their favourite outfit to go unnoticed?

1. Footwear


It is often said that the first thing people notice about you when they see you is your footwear. It should be always on point. The mistake people often make is wearing wrong footwear with wrong outfits.
Pro Tip 1: Heels with dresses, shoes with shorts and flats with ethnic go extremely well. Making different permutations and combinations amongst them can be terrible.
Pro Tip 2: Try matching the color of your footwear with the color of what you’re wearing on the upper part. It visually looks pleasing.

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2. Bags


The most catchy accessory is the bag you carry. Depending on the time of the day and the occasion you can choose your bag. Of course, the outfit should never be kept aside while doing this.
Pro Tip 1: During the day time, prefer bulky office bags, sling bags during the evening and clutches at the night.
Pro Tip 2: Never carry clutches while putting on a casual look and don’t carry bulky bags with party dresses.

3. Earrings

accessorize outfits

The maximum attention is drawn by the earrings you wear. It makes the face look attractive. Choosing the right earrings with the right outfits is a life hack in itself.
Pro Tip: Filigree earrings and Jhumkas with ethnic, drop or dangle earrings with dresses and studded or clip on earrings with a casual look are a pretty good combination.

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4. Watch or Bracelet

accessorize outfits

The hand should never be kept empty. It looks quite incomplete if the hand is left empty. Always accessorize one of your hands.
Pro Tip: Watches with any outfit will never go out of style. Just choose the right type and color of the watch according to what you’re wearing. Bracelets can be carried while wearing dresses or even ethnic.