Use These Bollywood Dialogues In Your Everyday Conversations To Add Cheery On The Cake


” Literature is the mirror of the society”

Bollywood is also the mirror of the society. All the instances that we see on the silver screen are always inspired from the real life of people. Here are some amazing dialogues from some Bollywood Movies which can be used in some real life situations as well. So use them and give your conversations a touch of Bollywood.

#1. Angry Mom

So you came late and now your mom is scolding with all the impossible things.
“Mushkil toh yeh hai ki main abhi theek tarah se bhigda bhi nahi … aur tumne sudhaarna shuru kar diya” (Once Upon A Time In Mumbai)

#2. You will never ever get all the things that were on the shopping list

“Don’t underestimate the power of a common man”. (Chennai Express)

#3. After Breakup Scenes

“Tu ladki ke peeche bhagega, ladki paise ke peeche bhagegi … tu paise ke peeche bhagega, ladki tere peeche bhagegi” (Wanted). Your friends support you in the best possible way.

#4. Bribing your friend to do your work

You do every possible thing which will convince your friend but at last, this will work. “Tension lene ka nahin, sirf dene ka” (Munnabhai MBBS- 2003)

#5. Your beloved takes you to watch a girly movie

You have no options and only this rings in your mind. “Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost” (Om Shanti Om)

#6. Endless Shopping With Her

You feel that today she will buy everything that comes in her way. “Ek baat main samajh gaya hoon. Ladki aur rocket aapko kahin bhi le jaa sakte hain” (Raanjhana). Well, Understood?

#7. When you fart and everybody eventually knows who it was!

“Jo main bolta hu wo main karta hu, aur jo main nahin bolta wo main definitely karta hu” (Rowdy Rathore- 2012)

#8. Mom and her friend again start their adventure of finding your partner

“22 tak padhai, 25 pe naukri, 26 pe chokri, 30 pe bachche, 60 pe retirement … aur phir maut ka intezaar … dhat aaisi ghisi piti life thodi jeena chahta hoon” (Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani)

#9. When your parents visit your flat.

They get to see- Unwashed dishes, piles of clothes here and there, untidy room to sum up and you can only laugh in that situation. “Yeh aadat ab nahi jaane waali hai … yeh toh woh biwi hai joh saath rehkar satayegi aur talaq bhi nahi degi” (Ashiqui 2)

#10. When you finally clear your semester

“Swagat nahi karoge aap hamara?” (Dabaangg). Yay! Time to finally party.

#11. Picking relatives from airport you have ever seen

“Duniya mein teen cheezen hoti zaroor hai lekin kisi ne dekhi nahin … bhooton ka sansar, saccha wala pyar aur Bahattar Singh ki raftaar” (Khiladi 786)