The Unknown Harms of Skipping Breakfast

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Many people have a misconception that skipping breakfast would be effective in losing weight. Many others think that skipping breakfast has neither harmful nor beneficial effects. They find it quite normal. The actual effects are unknown by maximum people. This misconception can lead you towards many harmful consequences. The half knowledge about this proves out to be harmful. Skipping Breakfast may lead you towards these consequences-

Affects Your Heart

A study done by Dr. Leah Cahill, says that skipping breakfast may increase the risk of heart blockage by 27%. It makes your heart weak and hence makes your heart prone to clogging of arteries. However, the rate of blockage is not so worrisome but can lead to such results.

Increases the Risk of Type-2 Diabetes

If you have a habit of skipping breakfast then there are chances that you may suffer from type-2 diabetes. Breakfast has a direct effect on your health. Those who eat break fast daily have the lower risk of this disease. It is recommended for such patients to eat high fiber breakfast in order to get low insulin resistance.

Leads to Increase in Body Weight

Many people who practice a body slimming regime have a misconception that skipping breakfast will bore them favorable results but the opposite of it happens. The reason is when you skip your very first meal of the day, the required sugar level is not attained and hence you end up with over eating in your next meal. Due to this, the body may receive more calories than required and hence leads you towards gain in weight.

Fall in Energy Level

It is found that not having your breakfast brings a downfall in your energy level and also has an impact on your mood. Since your stomach remains empty for 8-9 hours the body needs calories. By skipping breakfast your body is unable to receive the required calories and hence leads to low energy. In turns, this results in fatigue and also affects your mood badly. This may also affect your memory power.

Could be an Invitation to Cancer

In a study conducted by UK Cancer Research, skipping breakfast may increase the chances of cancer. Skipping Breakfast leads to obesity and according to a research, people with obesity are more prone to Cancer.

Migraine Pains

When you skip your breakfast, the sugar level of your body dips. In turn, hormones are released to balance this low sugar level. This results in higher blood pressure resulting in headaches and migraine pains.

The reason for Hair Loss

Breakfast plays a big role in providing nutrients to your body. A good intake of nutrients has a direct effect on your hair. If you skip your very first meal of the day, your keratin level is affected which results in hair fall. Lack of nutrients in the body is a big reason of hair fall. In order to improve your hair growth and prevent hair fall, you should have a rich protein breakfast.

Affects Metabolism

Breakfast has a direct effect on your metabolism. After being empty on the stomach for about 10-12 hours, the body needs nutrients which it gets from breakfast. When you skip this very first meal your system starts consuming the stored proteins of the body. This leaves your body with a low metabolism. Breakfast provides your body a high metabolism which is very crucial for the functioning of your body for the whole day.


So the above points make it very clear the role that breakfast plays in the proper body functioning. A good breakfast should be rich in fibers, proteins and an appropriate amount of calories. Whatever you eat, you should very well be aware of its nutritious contents. Do follow a proper diet regime but with right and complete knowledge because bits of knowledge can lead to health hazards.