Unbelievable Then And Now Photographs Of Famous TV Child Artists


Know these Guys? Of course, you do. They have been the popular child stars of your yesteryears when you have rolled over in laughter while seeing them on TV. Have a look at how they look now?

1. Bruce from Matilda


The Bruce Bogtrotter from Matilda, the name brings a memory of the boy who was forced to eat a huge chocolate cake. The brave boy who eats the whole cake was played by Jimmy Karz.

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See him now. I would rather take him instead of the chocolate cake. Doesn’t he look yummy enough, girls? You can probably find him training to become a doctor at the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. Rush Now.

2. Beans from Even Stevens

The boy who gladly replied that his only wish from a genie would be bacon. The show ended in 2003 and by the time he had become the most popular child stars.

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People are going all photos about spotting the 25-year-old Steven Anthony Lawrence who’s working as Santa’s Helper at a Mall in Concord, California.

3. Freddie from iCarly


The cutie who sat with the Pear computer. He has Carly’s best friend and played the role of the technical producer of iCarly.

Wanna see how cute he is now?


So that’s presenting Nathan Kress in 2016 with a great career record in movies and television.

4. Matt from Lizzie McGuire

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He is still into acting, but yet his most popular role remains the one of Matt in Lizzie McGuire which aired on Disney Channel in 2001 to 2004. 3 years is quite a long time to embed the face in your mind.

Jake Thomas

His still into acting with recent flicks like What Happened Last Night. He has a passion for photography.

5. Zack from Saved by the Bell


This is going to be a surprise for you when you see the present day Zack who was one of the hottest child stars in the series Saved by the Bell.

FOX 2016 Upfront - Arrivals

Mark-Paul Gosselaar is now a 42-year-old dad and is on the new show ‘Pitch’ with a thick beard and rusty look.

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6. Nick and Alex from Full House


The cute twins, Nick and Alex from the Full House series, they are now 25 years old. They made the girls go crazy when their present day pictures were let out for the Fuller House, a reunion of the Full House Netflix show.


Here are the cute twins. They have lead a normal non-acting life after Full House.

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7. George Little from Stuart Little


We are very familiar with George Little and most of us still, sit down with our kids to watch the repeat shows of the series which was released in 1999 and 2002. There are also animated series, but the face remains the same. Have you wondered what this child looks like now?


You can still see those similarities. He still continues his acting career with Loserville and has won several awards to his credit.

8. Buzz from Home Alone


The Bandits were the villains, but we can’t imagine of Home Alone without Buzz. “Buzz your girlfriend Whoof”. Still remember the tagline.


Devin Ratray is still into acting with movies like Dennis the Menace and TV shows like Agent Carter.