Ultimate Life Hacks For The Ones Who Are Obsessed With Cleanliness


Further described hacks are clever tricks to adopt for your routine life to keep your home tidy.

1. The Oven

Pour a little amount of dishwasher gel on a wet sponge and lather it. Switch on the oven at the lowest degree for about 30 seconds and keep the sponge in it. After 30 seconds, wipe the oven from inside. This will not only be easier to wash the oven but will help you out to remove the foul smell.

2. Mattresses

After an interval of time, mattresses tend to become dirty. To get a new look for mattresses you need to sprinkle a small amount of baking soda on the mattresses. After a couple of hours vacuum it. The dirt and foul smell will disappear leaving the mattresses a new look. This trick can be applied to the old sofa as well.

3. Chopping boards

Salt and Lemon works as a great cleaner for a chopping board. You just need to cover the top of the board with salt and then simply wipe it off with a lemon slice. Further rinse it in hot water for few minutes.

4. Taps

Wax papers are said to be the great stain remover. For removing stains from the taps you just need to wipe it with a wax paper, which will leave the tap stain free and shiny for a long time.

5. Irons

Spread a paper on iron board. Sprinkle a little salt on it. Turn on the heat setting in the iron to its maximum, leaving no water on it and disabling the steam function. To get rid of dirt, pass the hot iron on the sprinkled salt.

6. Clothes

To get rid of grease stains, simply rub the chalk over the stain which will make the chalk to absorb the grease. It’s usually effective on fresh stains.

7. Frying pans

As we know salt absorbs oil well. So salt works as a great cleanser for a frying pan. It helps to remove the over-cooked food. Leave a small amount of salt into the pan for a couple of minutes. Rinse it well and make sure to rub it dry.

8. Sinks

For cleaning the sink, use an old toothbrush with a small amount of soda. Put some slices of chopped lemon into the sinkhole then rinse it with normal water.

9. Windows

To remove stains from the windows, use a dry newspaper after cleaning windows in the usual manner. It will leave windows with a glow.

10. Odour


Preheat the oven and put a teaspoon of vanilla extract in a bowl in the oven. It will leave your home odorless with a sweet aroma.