These Tweets By SRK Will Make You Adore Him More! Don’t Believe Us? Have A Look At them Yourself!


Shah Rukh Khan has always been the kind of actor who has inspired people. He is not just a great actor who inspires people from his work and commitment but also through his social posts. The celebrities are also using it as a platform to express themselves openly. Shah Rukh khan, having around 20 million followers on Twitter keeps on inspiring people with his tweets. Well, here are some of the best tweets by SRK:

1. Such a positive mindset

Shah Rukh is a man who believes in staying positive and following your dreams. This tweet shows how much positiveness he holds within himself.

2. Philosophical thoughts

SRK has always impressed his fans with his ability to say a lot in few words. This talent can be seen here and how beautifully he describes life.

3. Love-Trust-Faith

He knows the difference between being an actor call for much more than acting talent, one need to know the difference between different emotions and aspects of life. SRK has the knowledge about things like love, trust, and faith, that’s what makes him an actor class apart.

4. An idol for his fans

One thing about SRK fans is sure, that they are never going to be hopeless in their lives when they have such an inspiring idol. Such tweets full of hope inspire.

5. A good parent

Shah Rukh has a happy family and by now he is well aware of the stage of life known as parenthood. He knows the efforts to be put in, the insecurities, fear, and sacrifices to be made for children.

6. Such respect for women

In a country like India where you find most of the people trying to press feminism and gender equality, there are actors like SRK trying to make women a stronger section of the society. Such great words are not spoken every day by stars like him.