Try Out This Tanning Solution To Remove Summer Tan In Just A Week



Summers can be so much fun! This season is known for outdoors and various recreational activities. Most of the people love traveling in sunny days. But the hot scorching sun in summers can harm your skin. The sun’s Ultraviolet rays increase production of melanin in the body, which results in the sun tanned skin. It is very difficult to bring back our normal skin complexion after getting a sun tan. Instead of using expensive cosmetic products which are full of chemicals, go natural and try some natural treatments, which will not only remove your skin tan but will also improve your skin complexion.

Here are some tanning solutions will help you in lighting your sun tanned skin in just a week:

Lemon Juice


Well, lemon juice is the most popular home remedy for skin care. The acids present in the lemon juice act as skin lightening agents which helps in reducing tan without making the skin dry. Before taking a shower, take a slice of lemon and rub it on the tanned area and leave it for few minutes.




Yoghurt is very effective in reducing sun tan. It is a natural tanning solution. It cools the skin and also tightens the pores. It reduces the redness and skin itching caused by the hot weather. Take some fresh yogurt, add the juice of cucumber and tomato to it.lastly add a cup of gram flour to the yogurt and then apply the paste on the tanned skin.


Gram Flour


Gram flour comes with various benefits. It is very helpful in reducing sun tan as it removes all the dead skin cells and makes our skin bright and young. In the gram, flour powder adds some rose water and make your own tanning solution. Apply the paste on the tanned skin.

Cabbage and Turmeric


One of the best organic tanning solution. As everybody knows, that turmeric is very effective for our skin and health. It also helps in skin cleansing. But yeah, you read it correctly cabbage can also help u in getting rid of your tanned skin as the Cabbage juice is full of antioxidants and phytochemicals. It also improves your skin texture and skin tone. It contains vitamin C which protects your skin from damage. Prepare a face pack using fresh cabbage, turmeric, honey, lemon juice and rice flour/gram flour and then apply it on the skin.


Aloe Vera


Aloe vera is a very healthy natural remedy which works for almost every skin problem. Aloe vera comes with many vitamins and minerals.It lightens up your skin and nourishes it. Applying an aloe vera pack with some lemon juice will make your tanned area of the skin disappear in very few days. This is the cheapest tanning lotion.




Sugar act as a very good skin cleansing agent. It cleans your skin pores and removes the dead skin cells. Prepare a sugar face pack by adding granulated sugar, one drop of olive oil and lemon juice then apply it on tanned area. It will surely remove the skin tan in a few days.




Potato pulp is a primitive home remedy for a healthier looking skin as it contains rich amount of vitamin C which helps in removing tan as well as also cures skin problems like blemishes and dark circles. It is also effective in improving skin texture. So go for a grated potato face pack, add some lemon juice to it for better and quicker results.


Cucumber and Tomato


Cucumber is known for its skin brightening and whitening abilities. Whereas Tomato protects our skin from free radicals, helps in repairing skin cells and gives us glowing skin. Using them both in a pack can definitely do miracles! So prepare a pack with grated tomato and cucumber. Add honey, lemon juice, turmeric and gram flour for better results. Apply this pack on the tanned skin and feel the difference in a week.


Coconut Water


Lastly, the Coconut water is very beneficial in removing skin tan. Coconut water when mixed with fuller’s earth makes the best tan removal natural remedy. Apply this pack on affected area and let it dry before wiping it off with warm water. Using it on regular or alternate basis can treat your tanned skin very effectively and rapidly.