The Trump Effect on These Things Will Bring Down USA’s Success Exponentially. Did You Read Them?

Trump effect

Topsy-turvy is the term that would perfectly define Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign. This is not to say that Hillary Clinton is a goddess or something but Trump is something else altogether. He frequently makes inflammatory statements and then backdates on them. His campaign started with him spewing venom on non whites. Now, he has the guts to ask what they have to lose. Well here is a list of future of some things in the USA after Trump effect will take over the USA:

1. Rights

Trump effect

Yes, rights. It took colored people especially the blacks a lot of time to get on an equal footing with the whites. They even began to get equal respect and dignity in fair recent times. It took a huge amount of efforts from people like Rosa Parks and Martin Luther King Jr. However, now that Donald Trump is elected, these things are certainly going to change and change for the worse. Not only are his views regressive but they are downright offensive. Now that, he has his way, chances are high that all the Muslims, Hispanics, as well as the blacks, will be deported out of the USA. Those who won’t be deported will lose all their rights and a new era of slavery would dawn upon us.

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2. Life

Trump effect

As most of us know, there has been a spree of racist killings during the past few months. This is happening when the USA has a black president. Imagine what all is going to happen because a fascist, white leader has been elected to the White House. Not only would these killings increase but cults like the Klu Klux Klan will have a freer reign. The number of causalities will skyrocket.


Trump effect

Now, if you are a colored person in Trump’s America, it is going to get you grief. However, if you are a member of the LGBT community, things are going to be exponentially harder for you. Not only will you lose your dignity on one front, now you will have to combat discrimination on two different fronts because bigots like Trump will do everything in their power to go back to regressive times.

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