The Tale Of True Love: How Lalita, An Acid Attack Survivor, Found Her Soulmate

Vivek Oberoi at the Wedding

Not every tale and is a montage of happiness straight out of Jane Austen Novel but also possesses acute Dostoyevskian elements, which are the true reminiscents of pain, dearth and hopelessness. Similarly, 26-year-old Lalita Ben Bansi put behind her Dostoyevskian past and got ready for her Jane Austen one, when she donned on her crimson embellished bridal attire and walked her nuptials. “Miracles do happen”, this is all Lalita had to say when asked about the culmination of events leading to her marriage.

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The events leading to Lalita’s accident reveal how low a human being can sink to. Lalita was visiting Azamgarh in Uttar Pradesh for her cousin’s wedding when a minor altercation took place between her younger sibling and her cousin Sham Babu. To break it off, Lalita intervened and slapped both of them and asked them to maintain decorum. Post wedding, Lalita decided to stay back as she had her own wedding planned in the next five months.

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but what Lalita did not know that the slap she had landed on as a measure of innocence she had taken for granted on behalf of her cousin would eventually result in the crashing of her world down. Barely fifteen days before her marriage, Shyam Babu poured acid on her face to avenge the slap she had levied nearly five months ago. She had to undergo as many as 17 surgeries while being admitted to the Bombay Hospital and is planned to undergo 12 more in the year to come.

The groom reveals an interesting anecdote- “I received a missed call from a wrong number”, Ravishankar Singh recalls. When he called her back 15 days later, it was straight out from a Hollywood Romantic movie, and they fell in love.

But Lalita was sceptical, the attack had changed her views on a lot of truths about life. She even tried to dissuade Ravishankar into marrying her because she believed he deserved better but to Ravishankar, looks did not matter and he was more than sure about spending the rest of his life with Lalita. Probably ten years down the line, we would be telling the tale of Lalita and Ravishankar instead of Romeo and Juliet.

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