Top 5 Reasons Why Extra Marital Affairs Happen


Most couples struggling to lead a happy married life that is well balanced with healthy sexual relations will end up getting into an extramarital affair, regardless of their socioeconomic background or location. Thus it is quintessential to be in sync with your partner throughout the different stages of life. In this modern and hectic present day lifestyle, partners often fail to meet the needs and demands of the mate and hence, problems like sexual dissatisfaction, personal disliking, and intense hatred start to crop up in the relationship.

One may try his level best to counter these problems but if every discussion ends up being a heated argument, things will get even worse. There arises a point when a person starts seeking love, pleasure, and sexual satisfaction outside of one’s present relationship, and that’s practically how everything starts going downhill.
Here are some possible reasons as to why people indulge in extramarital affairs:

1. Incapability to fulfill sexual fantasies

Many times, when partners are unable to fulfill the sexual expectations of their opposite sex,  it instills a desire of additional sex counters and instills a strong feeling that their partner is imperfect in bed.  This not only levels down one’s sexual desires but at times forces to get involved with a new partner to put their sexual desperation at rest.

2. Sexual boredom

Another universal reason to estrange your present partner and get indulged in an extra marital affair is out of sheer boredom. After years of marriage, couples feel something is wrong in their personal lives and not the same anymore. They start missing the fun, thrill and excitement which earlier existed in their relationship. This same is also with people getting married at an early age of mere 20 years or so. As they have achieved a level of stability in their life by crossing a decade and now having a feel that they have not enjoyed life fully. Because of which such people are more excited to move into an extra marital affair to spice up their monotonous life.

3. Married for the wrong reasons

There is a very famous saying, “Bad marriages don’t just happen to bad people. They mostly happen to good people who are not good or made for each other.” Many people especially in a country like India enter into the union of marriage for the wrong reasons. Pressures from family and society are the topmost factors to force two individuals to unite into a marital status. Many in just one meeting agree for marriage without even getting to know their partner. Once the deed is done, they realize their mistake of marrying a wrong one. After the realization, they either make sacrifices or compromise their own likes and dislikes carrying forward their relation according to the society norms. While some step into alternate options such as, if they meet someone who is any way a better match than their current spouse, they are immediately drawn towards the individual. This phase of attraction simply starts with a new friendship and later turns into an extra marital affair.

4. Feeling emotionally disconnected

Marriage not just binds physically it binds emotionally too. Each partner is not emotionally attached to one another but also seek each other for comfort and care. The top reasons for being emotional disconnected are: lack of time, communication, and interest in each other. To be emotionally connected one needs to share, talk, express, listen, laugh, care and also show that the other also care. One should take interest in partner’s work, hobbies, habits etc. Marriage rests upon understanding and cooperation. Thus to keep one’s marriage affair-proof never misunderstand your partner or create unnecessary complications.

5. Career advancement

Sad but actually true!! Some people get into a relationship simply because they believe it can advance their career. People now days are more into money making, status, lavish lifestyle, some are willing to go an extra mile just to meet their requirements.

While these are the main reasons, usually it is a combination of reasons which drives people into extramarital affairs which starts with fun, excitement but ends up giving stress, broken relationships, and children getting emotionally affected. Thus making people either surviving with lifelong issues and guilt or making them commit suicides.

Do you have any other reasons to share that why do people seek extramarital friendship and when do they cross over the line to infidelity? If yes, then do share in the comments below and share it on your Facebook wall also.