Top 10 TV Series Of All Time


When talking about TV shows and seasons, the choices of people usually differ. It is not important to align our mentality with the mentality and views of the critics. After analyzing the composite critical reception of Metacritic, we have come up with the top eight TV shows or seasons which have managed to capture the hearts of the audience.

The Larry Sanders Show (Season 4)


This season is considered the topmost season as per Metacritic’s composite critical reception. With a score as high as 99/100, this particular season of The Larry Sanders Show has managed to rule the hearts of the people. The most highly rated episodes in this season are ‘Eight’, ‘Hank’s Sex Tape’ and ‘Roseanne’s Return’.


Murder One (Season 1)


In this American drama series, Daniel Benzalli, Stanley Tucci and Mary McCormack have done an amazing job. The first season basically revolves around a high-powered attorney who defends a snooty young actor who has a track record of drug and alcohol problems. The complex trial is showcased throughout the first season.


The Larry Sanders Show (Season 6)


It seems like Larry Sanders is going to rule our list with the maximum number of highly appreciated seasons. The most notable episodes of season six are ‘I Buried Sid’, ‘Another List’ and ‘Flip’. This American sitcom is, no wonder, one of the most influential and landmark series.


Breaking Bad (Season 5)


Since its very inception, Breaking Bad has been highly applauded by the audience. In fact, it is one of the most watched television series. Season 5 of this famous American crime drama series has received a score of 99/100 as per Metacritic. The most notable episodes of this season are ‘Granite States’, ‘Ozymandias’ and ‘Felina’.


The Office (Season 3)


When we watch ‘The Office: UK’ series, we wish for the Indian soap directors and producers to make a series of such a high standard. With a Metacritic score of 98/100, The Office: UK has performed decently on the British television. The most watched episodes in the season 3 are the Christmas Special Episodes 1 and 2.


The Office: UK (Season 1)


With their mind-boggling performance in the opening season, Ricky Gervais, Martin Freeman, Lucy Davis, Mackenzie Crook, Ralph Ineson and Patrick Baladi have managed to lure the audience. With its unique concept, season 1 of The Office: UK managed to create a stir on the British television like no other show. It has one of the most highly rated shows of all times and has managed to keep people hooked.


The Wire (Season 3)


We never expect any season of The Wire to be in the top 8 list but surprisingly, season 3 has made its way to the seventh spot. With a Metacritic score of 98/100 and User score of 9.5/10, we can say the former police reporter David Simon has done a fantastic job in creating and primarily writing this series.


The Wire (Season 4)


With its fourth season on the line, The Wire made a long lasting impact on the audience. 98/100 Metacritic rating and 9.5/10 User score not only impressed the audience but also made this season, a big hit in its first episode itself. The most notable episodes of this season are ‘That’s Got His Own’, ‘Boys Of Summer’ and ‘Final Grade’.

Now, that you know the most highly rated television shows and series, go and watch them right now!