The top 10 games to play online when you are bored


It is important to relieve your stress while you are having a hectic life. Our spare time needs to be used properly in order to enjoy the other part of life. A little fun in between our routine life will give out a huge amount of satisfaction.

Here are some of the 10 games to play online when you are bored




As the name says, it tests the player’s ability to play multiple games at one shot without losing focus on any of them. As the Game advances, it takes the player to tougher tasks like adding more games on the screen. One fault in any one of the game will make the player start from the beginning.




The Cursor is a small game, but an effective one. The player has to connect with tons of other participants to advance in the game. Game advances based on the connects with other players. A player has to left click by holding the shift key to communicate with other cursors.




Super hot is a shooter game with less complicity compared to high-end ones. The game is all about shooting enemies and the time starts and resumes based on the player’s move. It allows the player to kill enemies in different style and technique.




Hexagon is a game for intelligent brains and does not have complications to understand. The game of hexagon is all about controlling the triangle from a set of giant hexagon boxes and it plays more tricky as the level advances.




Agar is similar to similar to a zombie or a cannibal concept. The game is all about players eating other players by keeping a tab on viruses. The game is highly addictive in a way but does not really have too many stages to complete.


6.Realm of the Mad God

Realm of the Mad God

The game is all about fighting monsters with a weapon in the realm. As the players win over monsters, the game advances and will have an opportunity to team up and fight together with other players.


7.The Grid 16

The Grid 16 Game

The grid is a car racing game with different tracks. It gives an opportunity for a player to start and build a career in the game by advancing further. The career is divided into different categories and tracks accordingly.


8.Oh N0

Oh N0 Game

A logical game where a little amount of mathematics is involved. A set of blue and red dots lead the game with numbers. A puzzle oriented game where a player gets to play with the color of dots and number on it.



Parameters Game

A Japanese logical and mind game, where players get to have two squares. The game is all about killing bosses and by killing bosses, a player can increase the chance of advancing the game.


10.Even Yours, Vincent

Even Yours, Vincent

The game is all about the lifestyle and experience of an artist called Vincent Van Gogh. A game filled with adventure of leading a man’s experience. The player can even interact with his painting and make the decision of whatever he is going to do next.