Top 10 Funny Facts About Women That You Never Know


Women are undoubtedly the most wonderful creatures. They get to enjoy and suffer equally in everything. The two highest IQs ever decided are owned by women and at the same time, there are some Funny facts oriented to women.

Let’s check them out!


1. Wearing Lipstick


Can’t do without a lipstick!

An average woman would have eaten up to 3 kilos of lipstick in her lifetime and spends about 25 days to wear lipstick.


2. Blinking



Women blink almost double as men do. It was considered that they blink because of excess makeup on the eyes and face, it eventually turned out wrong. Women have a tendency of performing more blinks than the men does.


3. Different surnames passed through the lifetime


What's there in a name?
What’s there in a name?

Women in India specially and most parts of the world get to have their husband’s name after them. It is strange to change the last name and be called different compared to the previous days of life. This practice has not eradicated completely, but it has been followed quite happily by most of the women.


4. Admiring the beauty in front of a mirror


Pretty woman!
Pretty woman!

A woman spends about 120 hours or 5 complete days a year, looking at the mirror and admiring her beauty. It has been a known fact that women take more amount of time to get ready compared to men.


5. Women’s breasts


That makes us beautiful!
That makes us beautiful!

Human women take the credit of having larger breasts compared to any other species in the world. Calculating proportionally, Human women possess the largest and volatile breasts in the world.


6. Height and weight of women


Few more kilos to go!

It is quite natural that women would not be as taller and heavier than men by comparing from the same genes or regions. It takes a longer time to put up weight in a proper way compared to men.


7. Love for Chocolates


For the love of chocolates!
For the love of chocolates!

It is a known fact that Women are crazy about chocolates as a part of the food. A recent study proved that more than 70% of the women prefers to choose chocolate over sex. There are cases that Women does not mind marrying or loving a guy who loves and shares the same admiration towards chocolates.


8. NO Shortcuts


A complete No!
A complete No!

Women do not believe in taking shortcuts. While driving, they prefer to go around and spend a few more minutes to reach the destination instead of loosing the track on the road by taking a shortcut. Women tend to drive slower and prefer to have good room for the vehicle and try to avoid narrow road as much as possible.


9. Same dress – NO way!


Sigh, that dress is different!
Sigh, that dress is different!

A woman feels embarrassed when she finds different women wearing the same kind of clothes in a party. It is all about their uniqueness, they care about. Clothes are one of the important factors to look at when ladies go out for shopping or a party.


10. Packing clothes – going out of town


What else should I pack?

Packing clothes may take more time than travelling all-together. A woman packs double the amount of clothes than the days of vacation. A set of clothes ranges like nightwear, casual wear, party wear and so on.. Depending on the feeling,  a woman chooses her clothes to wear.