Top 10 Expensive Football Player Transfers!


At a time when football clubs are earning money in unimaginable ways, its hard to imagine how far teams could go to attract the best players in the world. After Paul Pogba’s transfer to Manchester United. here’s a look at the biggest sums paid for a player.

Here’s a look at the biggest sums paid for a player.

10. Kaka (AC Milan to Real Madrid) 


The golden boy of football and Brazil at the time, Real Madrid had to stump up £56m to prize Milan’s best asset away from them. Did he repay what he cost, maybe not! But its Madrid we’re talking about.

9. Angel Di Maria (Real Madrid to Manchester United)

di maria

The move came as a surprise to many but after the mediocrity of David Moyes, United made a statement by signing their man for £59.7m. A British transfer record at the time!

8. Zlatan Ibrahimovic (Inter Milan to Barcelona)


How can this man be off the list! It took Barcelona a total of £61m including the value of Samuel Eto’o to bring the Swedish superstar to the Nou Camp. However, you only have to ask Pep Guardiola to know how it turned out.


7. James Rodriguez (Monaco to Real Madrid)


The star of the FIFA World Cup 2014 arrived at the Bernabeu for a lump sum of £63m. Seen as a future Ballon d’Or winner, the jury is still out on the Colombian


6. Neymar (Santos to Barcelona)


After long transfer dealings, Neymar finally made the switch from Santos to Barca for a total fee of £71.5m. Although he has been worth every penny, the legal details of the deal have put Barcelona in a fair bit of trouble.


5. Luis Suarez (Liverpool to Barcelona)


A ban for biting Chiellini at the World Cup had everyone thinking whether this was the end of the Uruguayan’s career. However, just before their transfer ban, Barcelona stumped up £75m to secure his services and he has repaid that with goal after goal after goal!


4. Gonzalo Higuain (Napoli to Juventus)


Probably the most surprising name on this list. Some say Juventus threw the money they got from United for Pogba away on a has-been. However, still remains to be seen whether the £76m paid for the man is worth it!


3. Cristiano Ronaldo (Manchester United to Real Madrid)


Glamour alert! One of the most Hollywood-like signing in football. Cristiano Ronaldo realized his dream of playing for Madrid when he moved from United for a fee of £84m. As everyone knows, total bargain!


2. Gareth Bale – (Tottenham Hotspur to Real Madrid)

<> on September 2, 2013 in Madrid, Spain.

Much to Ronaldo’s annoyance, Gareth Bale displaced Ronaldo as the most expensive player when he made the move to the Bernabeu for a fee of £87m. Having guided Madrid to two Champions League medals, he is a vital cog in the team.


1. Paul Pogba – (Juventus to Manchester United)


If you have a tiny bit of interest in football, you know who this man is. Ed Woodward flicked out his chequebook and signed off an £89m for the French midfielder which could go into three figures if Pogba wins the Ballon d’Or at United.  No one knows if he’s worth it, but it is turning a fair few heads.