This Is Why We Feel That Our Phone Is Vibrating Every Now and Then

man on a vibrating phone

We all are highly dependent on technologies these days. Cell Phones especially are now the need of our lives. Whether it’s Library, Cafeteria, Park and our own House, many of us cannot sit for a long time in any of these places without our cell phones.

Phantom Phone call

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Forget these, youth has now made this trend of using phones while pooping.

Not just texting, people call while pooing. In fact, they make Snapchat stories in washrooms.

Phantom Phone call

This incredible attachment is going really far that sometimes we can feel that our phone is vibrating but in reality that isn’t. It makes you check your phone every now and then because your mind is expecting a notification which makes you eager to check it.

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Phantom Phone Call

There was also a survey among college students and it was proved that 80% of the students have felt this thing. This illusion can be said as the Phantom phone call or text. It can happen to anybody who has a habit of using cell phones very often. But if you are facing this problem in a frequent manner than it could be a sign that you are psychologically dependent on your phone.

Phantom Phone call

This survey was conduction on approx 700 undergraduate students. It was found that students who have a high dependency on cell phones are getting way to irritated when they can’t use their phone.

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What you need to do

Thought this phone call phantom is not a big problem still it raises many other problems like getting irritated, stress and more. It also tells us that how much our lives have changed after the dependency of these gadgets. So, If you are facing such problem then it’s a sign that you should stop using your mobile much.

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