Thinking of taking a ‘chance’? Then make it quick!!


Life is too short to think and volatile, as we don’t have all the time to think only, we need to take chances. People spend half of their life in thinking only and when they really wake up they suddenly realize the time has been slipped away. Everything you queued in your life like telling your loved ones that you care for them, remains unsaid.

It’s about time…



Tell the truth

Truth makes you free from any kind of restrictions and helps you to move on what you want or what you actually waiting for. And for this, you only need, to be honest with yourself sometimes and the truth will continue itself.

Ask hard Questions

If you need satisfaction you will need to ask some hard questions to everyone. Ask yourself, ask your family, ask your boss, ask your friends, ask the one with mixed signals ask everyone because these answers will determine your future and can change your life.

So What?

Everything in the life will not work according to you. So you must prepare for some questions rather than facts. So what if you are not getting the thing you want, so what you don’t know everything, so what if you are making mistakes…and so What? Making mistakes are keys to learning something and by learning you can keep growing.

Don’t be too hard to yourself

There are many things that you may consider yourself like love yourself, know what you actually want, expect more from yourself and even forgive yourself. Just try to find out your worth and be proud of what you are. Learn how to stand again, learn how to believe again.

Choose Your life

Don’t opt for a life that does not satisfy you. As you cannot go back and change the past, you should always aim to future. It’s all up to you what to take and what to give up, which chapters to start and which to close, which doors to open and which doors to close. You can always opt for another chance to get a second chance for you and make these ‘chances’ to work according to you rather than terrify you.